the yearbook of the home club has

Not only the businesses, but also the clubs in the region are affected by the corona pandemic. It has always been the custom of the weisendorf local history society to present the new yearbook at the general meeting in march and to distribute it to the members. The yearbook for 2020 is also available, but it has to find new ways to reach its readers.

The yearbook contains the dates on which the members of the association are active in the village of weisendorf. However, this year, with great probability, not a few of them will have to be cancelled. The result is a 168-page volume with interesting and amusing facts from the past club year as well as essays worth reading.

Study: number of corona deaths in nursing homes underestimated

About one in two deaths from coronavirus in five european countries is reported from a nursing home, according to a study.

A group of researchers from the london school of economics analyzed official data from five countries: italy, spain, ireland, belgium and france. According to the data, between 42 and 57 percent of all deaths in these homes were linked to the novel pathogen.

Summer vacation in germany booming

Full beaches on the north sea and baltic sea, high activity in the foothills of the alps: despite the summer travel boom in many vacation regions, the industry believes that german tourism cannot make up for the slumps caused by the corona crisis.

"On balance, it will hardly be possible to speak of a boom in germany tourism this year. The losses during the lockdown were too heavy for that," said norbert kunz, managing director of the german tourism association (dtv). Currently, vacationers in particularly popular regions have to dig deeper into their pockets for overnight stays. Kunz talks of price increases of up to a maximum of 10 percent.

Cocoa also processed in corona times

The global corona pandemic also passed the aid association "frederic-hilfe fur peru" not without a trace. Like arno wielgoss, the "motor of the association, explained in the current annual report, many of the projects could unfortunately not be implemented. The year had started quite normally. In february, arno wielgoss traveled to peru puro together with frauke fischer, a basic colleague from peru puro, to peru, where a lot of club work had to be done.

One of the main tasks for this year was the commissioning of the small cocoa processing plant that the association had purchased with the help of the schmitz foundation. A small annex was needed next to the cooperative house for this purpose. Several members of the women's groups that were to operate the plant were trained in work and food safety courses. By the end of her stay. The women were now able to expertly and professionally roast and finely grind the cooperative's organic cocoa to produce pure cocoa liquor. Arno wielgoss emphasized: "this is an important and coveted staple food in the urubamba valley. Each child drinks a strong cocoa made from cocoa mass before going to school. The adults also used it to help them with their hard field work. Previously, cocoa mass had to be produced by hand by each family using the simplest of methods."