The music festival in the herzogenaurach suburb of hofen was well attended in summer weather conditions from thursday to sunday. The visitors celebrated exuberantly and predominantly peacefully, the police announced on monday in their balance sheet.

In total, the herzogenaurach police department, with the support of the erlangen and ansbach task forces and the riot police, recorded around 22 incidents in connection with the event.

The annual trip of the hammelburg seniors' union took the participants along the thuringian-french slate road to saalfeld/saale in thuringia. It had been organized by the deputy local chairman ludwig sand. Off we went in summery weather.

Unexpectedly, the participants got caught in a traffic check, which cost them half an hour of time. Nevertheless, there was an extensive second breakfast afterwards, which kriemhild and ludwig sand had prepared.

conductor seiler announced the end of his activity

Weilersbach – what became clear at the general meeting of the weilersbach music association: the association, which has just under 500 members, is doing well. This was reflected in the reports of chairman stefan roppelt, conductor benedikt seiler and treasurer carmen seeler. Around 30 musicians play in the main band, and the club doesn’t have to worry about young musicians either, thanks to the excellent training work of klara seiler and ulrike graf and the good cooperation with the elementary school. The meeting unanimously approved a change in the club’s statutes, which includes a restructuring of the board of directors. Seiler looked back on the past year of music with several successful performances and ended his report with a bang: benedikt seiler announced that he was quitting as conductor of the weilersbacher musikanten. A successor was not determined this evening.

"He did more than just conduct, he also represented the community positively to auben", said second mayor marco friepes, who described the music club as a "role model in the village" described.

Artful whistle concert in the dormitory

The young female students and a male student, who live in busan, the second largest city in south korea, located at the southeastern end of the korean peninsula on the coast of the sea of japan, from where it takes four hours by car to get to japan, were supervised by musicologist chae heung lim, who speaks german fondly.

The director of the home, thomas geldner, buried the asian guests and gave them a tour of the house together with the home's resident michaela mende. Especially the three students, who want to take up a career in the care sector, were interested in all the rooms, whether it was the residents' rooms, bathrooms, therapy rooms or common rooms, and eagerly took pictures.

Miriam stutz opens a music school

"There's a little wunderkind in all of us – we'd like to introduce you to it." This is the goal of miriam stutz. She studied church music and music pedagogy in regensburg. Her main subjects: piano, keyboard, organ and singing. But she also teaches soprano and alto block flute – and also offers preparation for entrance examinations as well as theory lessons in music theory, pitch and ear training.

No teacher-teacher relationship