Parting with 'a lot of melancholy

Martin kuhn from hammelburg takes many positive experiences and human encounters with him: for six months, the 39-year-old was head of the hammelburg police department (PI). “There is also a lot of melancholy involved”, he says goodbye. Coming monday, 2. March, his successor christian portner is officially appointed head of the hammelburg police, martin kuhn returns to the police prasidium in wurzburg.

For kitzinger, heading the hammelburg police department was a stopover on his way to the higher service. In 2000, martin kuhn began his career as a mid-level officer with the police in eichstatt. After stations in swabia and sulzbach-rosenberg, he returned to lower franconia in 2006: first to aschaffenburg, and from 2009 at the operations center in wurzburg. It was there that he first encountered the name christian portner, who had helped set up the operations center before him.

The controversial pavement shall finally give way

But not only the pavement should be removed, but also a real bus stop with a waiting house will be built. "The school children wait for the bus outside in all weathers", said the mayor after the decision of the closed session.

Many discussions preceded
The pavement caused discussions from the beginning, not only in burgstall, but also in the city council and the planning committee. So last year the accusation was made that the removal of the pavement was a waste of taxation. For mayor hacker and the people directly affected it is an avoidable burden.

france switzerland: new use for former school building

When the independent community of birkenreuth was incorporated into the market town of wiesenttal in 1978, it was the wish of the last birkenreuth mayor and village school teacher, hans muller, not to sell the schoolhouse, which had become vacant in the meantime. From now on, it was to serve the population as a village community center. For the market town of wiesenttal this was an obligation. The building became more important than ever for the villagers: there hasn’t been a pub in the former equestrian village in years. The school building, which used to house the large classroom of the one-class elementary school and a teacher’s apartment, is currently undergoing major reconstruction work. There will be a civic and youth center as well as training rooms for the fire department and other work groups. The investment costs amount to approximately 600.000 euro. Hereupon there is a request for 405.000 euros from the municipal investment requirement program (KIP). "As a revitalization inspection, the KIP inspection also includes inspections to ensure barrier-free access and energy-efficient renovation", it says in the approval notice of the district government of upper franconia. The community of birkenreuth built its schoolhouse 90 years ago. However, the village’s school history is much older than that. Since birkenreuth belongs to the church parish of streitberg, the children had to walk to school in streitberg via wartleiten and niederfellendorf – a truly arduous journey, especially in winter. Parents often had to clear the snow before the children could go to class.

From the story

This is how a "side winter school" came into being, in which the "schooled" farmer weigel held his first reading and writing lessons in a farmhouse. The chronicle reports: "when on 23. On february 1833, the pastor and school inspector ellsperger from streitberg saw the school in operation during a visitation, and ordered its immediate discontinuation." Thereupon the community wanted to build its own schoolhouse. Wood was logged and an application for a grant was made. Since the birkenreuthers felt that the subsidy was too small, they decided not to build a schoolhouse and used the felled wood to erect the well tower, which is now a listed building. It was to take almost another hundred years before birkenreuth got its own schoolhouse. For only 40 years the people of birkenreuth kept their school in the village, then came the elementary school reform.

Fast friends

There are only a few weeks left until the schoolchildren's and bambini races at the 19. France-switzerland-marathon. Since the 42.195 kilometers are a bit much for the very young, a distance of 500 meters (bambini) or one kilometer (schoolchildren) is offered for the young runners. Participation is free, the entry fees are paid by the sparkasse forchheim.
The two friends maximilian wicklein (9 years old) and simon nanke (11) will also be there. Wicklein was already running at his grandfather's hand when he was two years old, his buddy is once again threatening to outrun the competition in ebermannstadt. The neunkirchener holds the course record in the 1000-meter schoolchildren's run. But he has been running along the banks of the river wiesent for only three years now. "I'm rough, have long legs and am pretty fast", simon nanke explains his recipe for success with a grin. He would prefer to compete with older athletes, but the athletics association only allows this to a limited extent. "I had someone running in front of me who could pull me along. Then my times became even better", he says ambitiously.

A marathoner and clubber

Simon nanke doesn't even get to train anymore. At least when it comes to running. For this, in addition to the school requirements at the gymnasium eckental and the kicking in the junior team of the 1. FC nurnberg hardly any time. And yet he is faster than almost anyone else, reports his father, ralf, who is also a sports enthusiast. "Over 800 meters, he is currently the best runner in his age group in germany." He set the best mark of 2:26.46 minutes in hochstadt last week.
His goal at the france-switzerland-marathon is not only the top place, which after many victories in a row hardly anyone could dispute with him. He is mainly interested in improving his best time. "For that you need the right posture and breathing", explains simon nanke. If the schuler run doesn't tire him out, he can run the tenth marathon over 4.2 kilometers again, just like last year. "One kilometer was simply not enough."

Exciting games at the christmas tournament

Middle school, grammar school, secondary school and once again classes from wildflecken and the st. Martin school from riedenberg determined their grade level champion in the respective age groups.

23 teams of the 5.-7. On the first day of the tournament (tuesday), the triple gymnasium was enlivened by sporting ambition as well as exciting and close games by the 8 classes. They were cheered on by their fellow fans on the tribune. In the 5. For the first time in the second grade, a team from wildflecken won the final against the 5a team from the realschule. The sixth grade was won by the 6a of the gymnasium against the 6a of the realschule. Particularly bitter for the secondary school was that seconds before the end a ball of the secondary school team could only be stopped by the crossbar. The gymnasium’s 7a won an internal school duel against 7b.

A spade seldom comes alone

Wolfgang anger was one of the few to stick to the rules. The mayor of lulsfeld comes to fub to the county border between schweinfurt and kitzingen, where the county road SW 45 becomes KT 40, a few hundred meters before the entrance to the town of brunnau. Everyone else (including the reporter) carefully avoided the existing barriers. Exceptionally.
Since tuesday, the county road has been officially closed to traffic. Heavy equipment is already on site to turn the narrow, dome-laden stretch into a traffic-safe link between schallfeld and brunnau. At the obligatory spatentable many official representatives were present, for example the district administrator of kitzingen, tamara bischoff, or the district administrator of schweinfurt, harald leitherer. After all, two counties are affected by the tree removal. "This is not an everyday occurrence", said bischoff – and immediately came to talk about the advantages of the county cooperation: "the contract has only been put out to tender once, so the total costs are cheaper. Things are better together."

Reopening in mid august

Dieter thomas 90: never lost his sense of humor

Dieter thomas has faced many challenges in his life, but has retained his sense of humor to this day. These days he celebrated his 90th birthday with his extended family. Birthday and told about his life.

He was born as a twin in aschersleben, where he grew up and later worked as a teacher. "I was an elementary school teacher and taught physics and chemistry in the upper grades.", HE narrationed. While microscoping one day, he looked out of the window "when a young girl in a fur coat ran by". That was margit, his future wife, whom he met at a dance class and to whom he will be married for 70 years this year.

Juvenile beater must go into custody

A 17-year-old from kitzingen kicked a teenager in the face and hit him last summer. He has not yet served his sentence for that. Now the judge has pronounced a harsher sentence.

"We've been messing around with the conditions for seven months already", meant the representation of the youth welfare service. In a civil case the youth was already sentenced. He was to serve 60 hours of community service to serve out his sentence. He has worked off just over half of it. He was assigned to four different facilities for the social hours. In all four of them, after a certain time, it just didn't come on anymore.
"It would have been good if they had shown me before the appointment today that they actually want", said the judge during the hearing. Ten weeks ago, the unemployed young man had started his last shift.

countries are on the way to a comparable baccalaureate

This is what the president of the conference of education ministers (KMK), stephan dorgerloh (SPD), said after the meeting. As of the 2016/17 school year, the states will be able to select tasks from the pool for which they have previously supplied them. "The best from the countries is going into the pool," said dorgerloh. Equal levels of difficulty and grading scales should ensure greater mobility of students and teachers.

The tasks are supplied by the federal states and then examined by scientists from the state’s own institute for quality development in education (IQB). First of all, the subjects are german, mathematics, english and french. The natural sciences should follow.

They are tomorrow's caregivers

The classroom of the new first class of the vocational nursing school is well filled. 20 students learn the basics of chemical disinfection methods. They unite five different nationalities. The age difference between the youngest 16-year-old student and the oldest student is 36 years. Since the beginning of october, the three-year training program for health and nursing care has been running.

Alexandra arnold from heiligenstadt has already completed training as a medical assistant. When she gave birth to her son, she was at the hospital in forchheim for the first time. A friend, who has already completed the health and nursing exam at the vocational school, recommended the training to her.