Political thriller in the sign of the castle

The planning was ready and waiting in the drawer. The rough project should get a mega claim: 85 percent of the estimated construction costs of 12 to 13 million marks. The result of the exploratory drilling in 1993 was also promising. "Good conditions" for the tunnel construction to plassenburg, geologist klaus-hermann hofmann stated. "I think the slope is stable." Everything is clear? No, because two years later this came out. The underground funicular was never put on the track.

Why was the project to break new ground in traffic development at plassenburg buried 25 years ago?? Newspaper reports from the time – the rundschau was full of them – speak a clear language: it was a political power struggle. The city council was in an uproar. A political crime under the sign of the castle.

The craziest girl in the world dances on the natural stage in Trebgas

With the pippi longstocking song she hops with flying red pigtails through the crowd onto the stage. "Two times three makes four, widdewiddewitt, and three makes nine! I do" the world, widdewidde, as i like it. Trallari trallahey tralla hoppsasa". Mathematics is not their coarse strong. And also the letter reading they prefer to leave to their girlfriend attika. School treasures them only because of the vacations. The song, with which the audience goes along, will be played many times during the one and a quarter hours of the show (plus 20 minutes of intermission) and pippi’s colorful imagination, her unhumbledness, her verve will drive old and young along.

For the production of astrid lindgren’s pippi langstrumpf on the wehlitzer berg, andre putzmann and dieter krause have created a stage set that looks modest at first: pippi’s villa colorful on the right on the hill, in front of it on the veranda her spotted white apple "herr nielsen". But in the course of the game, as if by magic, moving dummies appear on the stage. The witty ideas always get a laugh from the audience: in the foreground a swanky mercedes rolls in, between the rocks far behind the wildly swaying "hoppetosse" appears with their red sail and the gehisster klabauterflagge. Or a rowing boat will appear in the sea with two thieves who want to rob pippi and her friends of the pearls dived in taka-tuka-land. The lack of realistic props is intentional. Director raik knorscheidt wants to open up the imagination of the children.

Strikes and long waiting times: air traffic remains problematic

European air traffic remains problematic. After a successful start to the easter travel season, with few exceptions, strikes are now threatening spain, germans’ favorite vacation destination.

Even in the medium term, the prospects for more punctual flights remain slim, as german air traffic control made clear on monday. She is working with the airport and the airlines to improve operations.

The children's choir of the protestant church in grobgarnstadt looks ahead with the musical "vollig losgelost to ten successful years. "The children of god" present on saturday, 10. November, from 3 p.M. (admission 14.30 o'clock) in the evangelic church grobgarnstadt to the tenth anniversary a special musical.

This musical work, arranged and lyricized by leader jacqui karbach, tells a story of its own. The four- to 14-year-olds play themselves. The result was "vollig losgelost.

Film producer simon happ: 'kronach was a winner of the lottery!'

How he would describe his job in one sentence? "I am to blame, says simon happ and lets out a short loud laugh. During the shooting, which began two weeks ago at the fortress rosenberg and ended on friday (26. October 2018) end up in the upper town, the 57-year-old acts as a so-called "executive producer" for the film production company pantaleon films. Often referred to in german as the exporting producer.

But "executive" would probably be more accurate with "geschaftsfuhrend to translate. Or even more simplified: contact person for everything. "I represent pantaleon in the project and try to be a good dad to my film children", he explains. Whereby the children can also be clearly older. "These are all. Whether they are four years old or 70. Whether crew or actors – they are all forcibly adopted for the filming work."