Germany and the world buried 2018

With parties and fireworks billion people welcome the new year 2018 on sunday and monday. In germany, the largest new year's eve party is again planned in berlin at the brandenburg gate.

Security precautions have been stepped up in many places because of the continuing heightened risk of terrorism and following the attacks on new year's eve in cologne two years ago. The german fireworks industry expects new year's eve sales to remain high at 137 million euros this year.

First to bury the new year were the people of samoa and other pacific islands – at 11.00 a.M. German time. One hour later new zealand kicks off 2018. For example, australia, i.E. Sydney with the famous opera house (14.00 CET), sud korea (16.00 o'clock) and dubai (21.00 hrs). Later than germany are then, for example, great britain (1.00 a.M. On 1. January CET), rio de janeiro in brazil (3.00 a.M.) or cities in the USA such as new york (6.00 o'clock) and los angeles on it (9.00 a.M.).

After the incidents two years ago, the security zone around the cathedral in colonia will be expanded for the new year's celebrations in 2018. Fireworks are banned in the cordoned off area. The police also want to prevent the formation of larger groups, especially on the square in front of the train station. More video cameras and better lighting to increase security. In many other german cities, such as hamburg and frankfurt, and in the ruhr region, a police force is also to prevent attacks like those on new year's eve in colonia two years ago. At the turn of the year 2015/16, many women were sexually harassed and robbed at the main train station in coln. The incidents made headlines around the world.

According to an expert analysis by the koln police, north rhine-westphalian grobstadte must once again reckon with the arrival of rough groups of young manners. The police have therefore announced massive prasenz. Of the total of 40,000 police officers in the most populous state of north rhine-westphalia, 5700 are expected to be on duty this time, 1400 of them in poland alone.

A year ago, the police had already deployed significantly more officers on new year's eve. Everything possible is being done to prevent a repeat of the events on new year's eve in cologne in 2015/16, NRW interior minister herbert reul (CDU) told the german press agency.

The police are faced with a balancing act. A year ago, the police in colonia prevented new attacks, but they were accused of racism. It was criticized that the police had checked hundreds of north african or arabic looking men at the main train station. In the run-up to this year's new year's eve, the police stressed that they do not control by appearance or nationality, but by conspicuous behavior.

For the first time in berlin, there is a refuge area – called a "safety area" – for sexually-charged women on the festival mile, where crisis-trained helpers from the red cross are standing by. Under the motto "welcome 2018", the new year is to be buried in what is likely to be mildly humid weather. At the fenced and guarded party mile on the strabe des 17, which was open from noon on, I was not afraid. June begins at 19.00 o'clock the stage program with stars like oli P. And conchita. At midnight the high fireworks shine. ZDF broadcasts live from 20.15 o'clock. At midnight, the first also switches back to the fireworks at the brandenburg gate.

On the north frisian islands with their traditional thatched roofs or in many historic old towns, however, locals and tourists usually have to do without rockets and bollers.

Millions of germans celebrate at private parties or in front of the television, where for many the english comedian freddie frinton as butler james and his fight with the tiger skin is part of the program, i.E. The about twenty-minute black and white sketch "dinner for one or the 90th birthday party". Birthday" of 1963. In the meantime, there are countless remakes and variations of miss sophie's dinner. They run all day long on the ARD programs.

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