Grafenberg joins “kommbio”

Biodiversity is threatened. Worldwide, two-thirds of all animal and plant species ecosystems are already classified as endangered. The association "communities for biodiversity, kommbio" for short, therefore advocates the creation of green municipalities and counties to provide a habitat for animals and plants. Becoming a member of this association was discussed by the grafenberg city council at its meeting.
Under the chairmanship of second mayor sylvia hofmann (), chamberlain ernst steinlein presented the goals and work of the association on the basis of a leaflet. The association sees its tasks in creating green and open spaces in the municipalities in the settlement area, ensuring the protection of species and biotopes and using the areas sustainably.
The alliance wants to support the municipalities in the demand of the potential human and nature. Even though the city will have to rejoin a regular dues-paying association, the council decided to take this step. If, however, membership in the association does not bring the hoped-for support, she will return to her work as a customer.

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