Basic training for firefighters passed

22 firefighters from the city and district of kitzingen successfully completed the basic module "modular training for firefighters". This module represents the basic training of the fire departments and has replaced the former troop man and troop leader training as well as the radio training, it says in the communication of the fire department.

Since january, the participants have received 120 hours of basic training in theory and practice. The centrally conducted part of the training ends with the passing of the exam. In the next two years, the participants will receive further training in their respective home fire departments. After these two years and at least 40 hours of documented training, the final examination will be on the program.

Kondrashov under house arrest

Alexander kondrashov is under house arrest. At least that is what the ukrainian analysis portal "slovo i delo" reports (word and deed) in an online report from 14. May. From the point of view of bad kissingen, this is another unpleasant high point in the ice rink affair in the spa town.

Only a few days ago, the district administration of bad kissingen had the ammonia pumped out of the cooling plant by a specialist company from lindau for safety reasons (we reported). The owner of the property had not previously complied with a request to do so. "The costs incurred will be charged to the operator", a statement from the district office said.

Parting with 'a lot of melancholy

Martin kuhn from hammelburg takes many positive experiences and human encounters with him: for six months, the 39-year-old was head of the hammelburg police department (PI). “There is also a lot of melancholy involved”, he says goodbye. Coming monday, 2. March, his successor christian portner is officially appointed head of the hammelburg police, martin kuhn returns to the police prasidium in wurzburg.

For kitzinger, heading the hammelburg police department was a stopover on his way to the higher service. In 2000, martin kuhn began his career as a mid-level officer with the police in eichstatt. After stations in swabia and sulzbach-rosenberg, he returned to lower franconia in 2006: first to aschaffenburg, and from 2009 at the operations center in wurzburg. It was there that he first encountered the name christian portner, who had helped set up the operations center before him.

Amateur clubs between hope and fear

Can the season be ended? What happens in the event of an abandonment? Does the corona crisis threaten the existence of the club?? It’s questions like these that keep athletes busy in times of coronavirus. While some associations have created clarity, others rely on the factor of time.

Such as the bayerischer fubballverband (BFV), which has suspended match operations until further notice and hopes to finish the season regular. If necessary, after the deadline 30. June. Demolition is to be prevented. This is also the hope of SSV kasendorf, which is in second place in the district league and had a good chance of advancing to the state league, either directly or through the relegation process.

Comes new used goods market?

The used goods market, which was previously offered by integra at the guterbahnhof, is getting a new lease of life. As district administrator klaus peter sollner () indicated at yesterday's meeting of the district council's environment committee, both the BRK district association and the diakonie with its managing directors jurgen dippold and karl-heinz kuch signaled that they were prepared to develop a concept for a used goods market. They were even running this together if necessary. Volunteers and the employment agency are also to be integrated into this concept with regard to a claim. The environmental committee agreed that both parties should work out a concept and submit it to the district administration office.
District administrator sollner also referred to the motions of the FDP district association and the district council faction bundnis 90/die grunen. The free democrats in their letter of 22. The question of where people in need who are not in a position to buy new furniture can pick up used furniture in the future was raised by the drechsler environmental protection company in september, and it was established that "comparable services in bayreuth and kronach will continue to operate for many years to come."
And the district council faction bundnis 90/die grunen came to the conclusion in its motion: "by closing integra, the district of kulmbach will lose an important potential for waste avoidance on the part of the waste management industry. The possibility of employing, challenging and placing welfare recipients is also reduced. The supply especially of the socially weak population strata with used goods should also be implemented here. Such models work in other local authorities, so it would be worthwhile to investigate and install an analogous concept for kulmbach as well."

There was an acute need for action

District administrator sollner told the environmental committee that they would also involve their own social services department in order to arrive at a sustainable solution.
Sollner also commented on the award decision of the district committee regarding the establishment and operation of a collection point for waste electrical and electronic equipment to the company drechsler umweltschutz KG, kulmbach. After the awo district association announced the liquidation of integra on 30. September 2017 had informed the district office of kulmbach, action had to be taken quickly. The establishment and operation of a collection point for electrical appliances was then postponed to the period from 1 january 2009. October 2017 to 30. September 2020 limited and with an option on verlangerung advertised. According to gunter sollner, five companies were invited to submit a bid, but only drechsler umweltschutz KG from kulmbach submitted a bid. There was therefore an acute need for action. District administrator sollner praised the quick decision of his two employees detlef zenk and gunter sollner: "in a relatively short time, a solution was put in place. We were obligated to act and have found a sustainable solution. My employees reacted quickly and with foresight."

erlangen-hochstadt district: beware of dubious tradesmen - police issue a warning

Due to current events, the criminal police – mainly in the areas of erlangen, neustadt an der aisch and uffenheim – warns of advertising or. Offers unserioser companies and gives behavior tips.

Already in the past many dubious flyers distributed

In the past, it has often happened that dubious companies have offered services that were advertised in the daily newspaper or in the form of flyers in the post.

The music festival in the herzogenaurach suburb of hofen was well attended in summer weather conditions from thursday to sunday. The visitors celebrated exuberantly and predominantly peacefully, the police announced on monday in their balance sheet.

In total, the herzogenaurach police department, with the support of the erlangen and ansbach task forces and the riot police, recorded around 22 incidents in connection with the event.

The controversial pavement shall finally give way

But not only the pavement should be removed, but also a real bus stop with a waiting house will be built. "The school children wait for the bus outside in all weathers", said the mayor after the decision of the closed session.

Many discussions preceded
The pavement caused discussions from the beginning, not only in burgstall, but also in the city council and the planning committee. So last year the accusation was made that the removal of the pavement was a waste of taxation. For mayor hacker and the people directly affected it is an avoidable burden.

A new generation of trucks is launched

After 20 years, truck maker MAN launches a completely new generation of trucks. "The entire model range at once," as CEO joachim drees said in bilbao.

It’s as if VW were to renew the golf, the polo and the passat all at once. Freight forwarders and transport companies from all over europe came to the spanish port city for the presentation of the new model.

Biodiversity is threatened. Worldwide, two-thirds of all animal and plant species ecosystems are already classified as endangered. The association "communities for biodiversity, kommbio" for short, therefore advocates the creation of green municipalities and counties to provide a habitat for animals and plants. Becoming a member of this association was discussed by the grafenberg city council at its meeting.
Under the chairmanship of second mayor sylvia hofmann (), chamberlain ernst steinlein presented the goals and work of the association on the basis of a leaflet. The association sees its tasks in creating green and open spaces in the municipalities in the settlement area, ensuring the protection of species and biotopes and using the areas sustainably.
The alliance wants to support the municipalities in the demand of the potential human and nature. Even though the city will have to rejoin a regular dues-paying association, the council decided to take this step. If, however, membership in the association does not bring the hoped-for support, she will return to her work as a customer.