Erlangen-hochstadt district: beware of dubious tradesmen – police issue a warning

erlangen-hochstadt district: beware of dubious tradesmen - police issue a warning

Due to current events, the criminal police – mainly in the areas of erlangen, neustadt an der aisch and uffenheim – warns of advertising or. Offers unserioser companies and gives behavior tips.

Already in the past many dubious flyers distributed

In the past, it has often happened that dubious companies have offered services that were advertised in the daily newspaper or in the form of flyers in the post.

Fraudsters performed work unprofessionally or inadequately

The scam of the scammers is that they offer, for example, carpet, stone and facade cleaning, but the work carried out later is usually unprofessional or poorly executed. Customers subsequently receive invoices that are far inadequate for the work and are completely overpriced. The sales brochures make a serious impression at first glance.

The criminal investigation departments of ansbach and erlangen warn against these scam offers currently being advertised in central franconia.

Tips from the criminal investigation department:

– check the credibility of the company before awarding the contract. Research – if possible – on the internet, in the circle of acquaintances or at the chamber of handicrafts.

– check the address and telephone number given to see if a reputable company is actually registered under it.

– before placing an order, please agree on a cost estimate. Find out what costs are usually incurred for your type of order. A reputable company will always offer you a cost estimate.

– do not let strangers into your apartment. Should this be necessary, do not leave the unknown alone. If possible, call in a person you trust.

– if you have become a victim of this scam or have received such an offer, report the incident immediately to the nearest police station. In urgent cases, call the police at 110.

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