Kondrashov under house arrest

Alexander kondrashov is under house arrest. At least that is what the ukrainian analysis portal "slovo i delo" reports (word and deed) in an online report from 14. May. From the point of view of bad kissingen, this is another unpleasant high point in the ice rink affair in the spa town.

Only a few days ago, the district administration of bad kissingen had the ammonia pumped out of the cooling plant by a specialist company from lindau for safety reasons (we reported). The owner of the property had not previously complied with a request to do so. "The costs incurred will be charged to the operator", a statement from the district office said.

Commentary: less tax revenue - what the government must do now

The fact that tax revenues are no longer rising as strongly as they have recently is no reason to panic, as they remain at a high level. And yet the drubbing should make the rough coalition think again. For as fiercely as the union and the SPD have been at odds since the start of their joint government, they are united by a dangerous tendency toward high spending.

The coalition agreement provides for many additional billions for daycare centers, for child construction subsidies, for pensions, for the social labor market and for rural areas. The sense and nonsense of individual measures is debatable, but what is certain is that the financial scope for the coming years has already become tight as a result of all the packages. Not only in terms of spending. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to provide real tax relief for citizens and companies.

P&r-grunder arrested on suspicion of fraud

On wednesday, he was arrested on urgent suspicion of fraud as well as a risk of flight and collusion, brought before a magistrate and taken to the stadelheim detention center, as senior public prosecutor anne leiding said on thursday.

According to the insolvency administrators, P&R could have set up a kind of snowball system. Senior public prosecutor hans kornprobst estimates the damage at 1.5 to 2 billion euros.

Kirchweih wolfsdorf

What motivated albert rudolph, a master locksmith from staffelstein, to have a chapel built in wolfsdorf is unfortunately not known. The fact is that the people of wolfsdorf have him to thank for the fact that they are able to celebrate church services once a month and the annual church dedication on the first weekend in september. More than 150 years ago, rudolph loved to build the small church in honor of the mother of god, located on the pilgrimage route to fourteen saints.

The organizers, represented by the flower and garden friends, the fire-brigade and the soldier comradeship, put again an interesting kirchweih program on the legs. Kirchweih-auftakt is in the tent at the clubhouse in the romansthaler strabe on friday, 31. August, at 6 pm. Many guests visit the festival on friday only because of the traditional kirchweih dishes like sour fleck and beef with horseradish. Of course, musical entertainment should not be neglected – for this the duo "fast&" will be performing from 7 p.M. Onwards slow" competent. On saturday, 1. September, the kirchweih also begins at 6 p.M. With schnitzel variations, home-made bread and much more the organizers spoil their guests. The duo "sound express" promises an entertaining evening.