Kondrashov under house arrest

Kondrashov under house arrest

Alexander kondrashov is under house arrest. At least that is what the ukrainian analysis portal "slovo i delo" reports (word and deed) in an online report from 14. May. From the point of view of bad kissingen, this is another unpleasant high point in the ice rink affair in the spa town.

Only a few days ago, the district administration of bad kissingen had the ammonia pumped out of the cooling plant by a specialist company from lindau for safety reasons (we reported). The owner of the property had not previously complied with a request to do so. "The costs incurred will be charged to the operator", a statement from the district office said.

New headquarters

Let’s hope that the responsible persons know the current address of the ukrainian manager, especially since the eissport bad kissingen gmbh has meanwhile moved its headquarters to fulda. And there obviously under the new name "IEG gmbh fulda hotel- und gaststattengewerbe" company name.

In the neighboring state of hesse and in bad kissingen, kondrashov has been spotted several times in recent months. According to the media report, however, the ukrainian had been staying in italy for the last time and had been back in his home country since april. It is possible that the lack of residence permits in other EU countries forced kondrashov to return home.

Damage worth millions

The ukrainian judiciary’s accusations are serious. Kondrashov is suspected of participating in a criminal organization and committing a crime through a criminal organization as well as abuse of office. From the time when the businessman was a high-ranking tax official in the crimea. Their actions had deprived the state of considerable tax revenues. He was charged with approximately 37 million euros in damages to the ukrainian state.

"According to law enforcement officials, the suspect left ukraine at the end of may 2017 and returned only in april 2020", it says in said article. In july 2017, kondrashov, then with his business partner dmytro kryvorutskyy, acquired the ice rink together with a plot of land with an area of 5500 square meters for the price of about 230 000 euros. Illegal money therefore flowed into the purchase of the ice rink?

With the conclusion of the purchase contract, the new owners also undertook to guarantee ice-skating operations with corresponding conditions. This was initially achieved thanks to the cooperation with the wolfen in kissingen, which, however, unilaterally terminated the lease agreement in spring 2019, on the grounds that the owner was only insufficiently fulfilling his obligations. Various stages of escalation led to legal disputes as well as the closure of the hall and finally resulted in the withdrawal of the team from the ice hockey bavarian league due to the non-existent playing facility, which has been closed for over a year now. According to the purchase contract, the city of bad kissingen has a right to repurchase the property. The question remains as to whom the city and the district will have to turn to in the future when it comes to questions of real estate. To a new company based in fulda or to a businessman under house arrest in ukraine? The last story about the bad kissingen ice rink is far from being written.

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