A new generation of trucks is launched

After 20 years, truck maker MAN launches a completely new generation of trucks. "The entire model range at once," as CEO joachim drees said in bilbao.

It’s as if VW were to renew the golf, the polo and the passat all at once. Freight forwarders and transport companies from all over europe came to the spanish port city for the presentation of the new model.

Working 40 hours a week – and still not enough at the end of the month: in bamberg, around 6100 full-time employees work for low wages. This means that one in five employees (18.8 percent) is below the official low-wage threshold of currently 2203 euros gross per month, despite working full hours. In the district of bamberg, there are around 5200 full-time employees in the low-wage sector (19.4 percent). This was announced by the food, beverage and hospitality workers' union (NGG).

The NGG upper franconia refers to figures from the federal employment agency. Managing director michael grundl speaks of an "alarm signal" in the press release. Thousands of people had enormous problems getting by financially despite long working days. "In butcher stores, bakeries, fast food outlets, restaurants and hotels, the proportion of low-wage employees is particularly high. Here the companies must pay finally clearly higher wages", demands grundl. According to the employment agency, 53 percent of all full-time employees in the food and hospitality industry nationwide are below the low-wage threshold.

Fierce competition for hairdressers makes haircuts more expensive

Higher wages for hairdressers make haircuts more expensive. In the hairdressing trade – as in many other trades – there is fierce competition for employees, jorg muller, chief executive of the central association of the hairdressing trade, told the deutsche presse-agentur.

"We simply have to pay more, offer more."The salon operators had to pass the higher wage costs on to the prices. Many salons have long paid more than the minimum wage, muller said.

Here's how the candidates scored in bamberg county

Every four years, the district of bamberg is split in two. Then 19 communities will be added to the federal constituency of kulmbach, the remaining 16 will form the constituency of bamberg together with the city of bamberg and parts of the district of forchheim. And while the bamberg candidates are well-known because most of them come from here, hardly anyone in the kulmbach catchment area knows them because almost all of them come from there or from lichtenfels. But the results so far have mostly been strikingly similar: the CSU candidates won the direct mandate by a wide margin, and they could each count on vote shares from the district of bamberg well beyond the 50 percent mark.

In the current federal election, however, the picture has become somewhat differentiated. Although the CSU candidates thomas silberhorn (bamberg) and emmi zeulner (kulmbach) again secured direct entry into the berlin parliament. But while silberhorn lost more than 2,000 votes in the 16 southern district municipalities compared to 2013 and slipped from 57 to 45 percent, zeulner between viereth and wattendorf received only 261 fewer first votes than four years ago.