Swans have turned up

swans have turned up

A missing persons report of a somewhat different kind reached our editorial office over the weekend: "for several days now, the mute swan family, which breeds and raises its young every year on a pond between hablach and haig, has been missing.", wrote sigrid arneth.

After the usual incubation period, the swan couple had seven chicks as an addition to the family. The fact that both parents and all seven cucumbers disappeared at the same time is more than strange, she said. The little ones could swim, but not yet fly.

A call for a search on the facebook page of the french tag kronach on monday afternoon brought reassuring news: the swan family is alive. "At the beginning of last week, a young lady from gundelsdorf called me and said that there was a family of swans on the street in front of her house, and that she had now driven them into her yard", told by monika schuster from gundelsdorf.

But what to do now? Monika schuster rushed to the young woman's aid, as did several other ladies from gundelsdorf. "The swans always wanted to get on the federal highway. I guess they couldn't stay on the pond in haig with their boys because of the floods. We wanted to put them in the river at first, but they didn't like that," says, explains monika schuster.
In the end, it was decided to put the swan family in a pond on the bundesstrabe near gundelsdorf.

So the women carefully drove the swan family across the federal highway towards the pond. "There they still are", says monika schuster, who feeds the animals every day. Due to the abundance of water at present, the swans probably did not find enough food, she believes. That's why she asks visitors who want to see the swan family to bring some bread with them.

"The swans were used to visitors and very trusting, visibly enjoying the attention and care", also writes sigrid arneth in her mail, in which she reported the swan missing.
Unfortunately, there are also unreasonable people who stare at the birds, let dogs near them and disturb them, she hopes for the common sense of the visitors.

However, a sad fate has probably struck the swan family: of the seven cuks, only six are still traveling with the parents, reported Monika Schuster.

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