Amateur clubs between hope and fear

Can the season be ended? What happens in the event of an abandonment? Does the corona crisis threaten the existence of the club?? It’s questions like these that keep athletes busy in times of coronavirus. While some associations have created clarity, others rely on the factor of time.

Such as the bayerischer fubballverband (BFV), which has suspended match operations until further notice and hopes to finish the season regular. If necessary, after the deadline 30. June. Demolition is to be prevented. This is also the hope of SSV kasendorf, which is in second place in the district league and had a good chance of advancing to the state league, either directly or through the relegation process.

Hallstadt outdoor pool: 3000 square meters available for free use

Bad luck! Whoever wants to play a round of minigolf at the hallstadt outdoor pool is now faced with an empty flat. You don't have to ring the bell at the kiosk, as a sign recommends. There was schlager, ball and play bow. The ara minigolf at the hallstadter outdoor pool is over with this year. In the spring, the city's construction yard dismantled the 16 lanes. Via an intermediary they may have landed in austria in the meantime. Where the neighbors of the alpine republic can enjoy this sport.

In hallstadt, at any rate, the city council no longer saw a future for this type of recreational activity at the previous location. "The numbers have been declining for years", says mayor markus zirkel (SPD) about it. At most 150 paying guests played on the rinks between may and october. As many as he has seen in just one weekend comparatively in the mini golf course in bug. Two euros paid the adults, one euro fifty the children. To what "gigantic revenue" it was easy to figure out how the city got there, says zirkel ironically.

Remembrance of a deceased 'visit' of the right

The main purpose of this evening was probably to provoke and provoke fears. The defendant oliver B. (name changed) had mobilized six comrades-in-arms via whatsapp, including thorsten P., who took part in a festival against racism on 7. June 2015 show their presence and wanted to (mis)store the participants.

Those involved at the time were already sentenced to fines and imprisonment by the bamberg district court three years ago, but now the events are also of interest for the current neo-nazi trial before the state protection chamber of the district court. Because, among other things, the chat protocols read out in court show that it was a planned action, in which also members and supporters of the "white wolfe terrorcrew" participated participated. "No weapons, but gloves and a scarf are desired", had B. Retrieved from. Peter F. Was not present on this day, because against him already some indications ran because of dangerous corporeal injury and he "rather first times the fube still hold" wanted.

Success does not fall from the sky

"Jolts are challenges that you have to tackle" – a sentence that sounds so simple, but whose implementation is not always successful. Successful ex-wrestler alexander leipold showed how this could be achieved in his presentation at the business evening hosted by the district, the business juniors and the savings bank.

"Every one of us experiences difficult situations. How can we deal with it?" – not only district administrator thomas bold hoped for a practical answer to his opening statement by alexander leipold, but also the 100 guests in the savings bank pavilion. Host roland friedrich outed himself as ex-treasurer of a wrestling club and thus as a fan, who not only praised the atmosphere in the halls, but also the fairness between the athletes. Barbara gutmann, a member of the board of the junior economists of bad kissingen, told of meeting him by chance under the southern sun, where the desire arose during dinner to win alexander leipold as a speaker for a business evening.