Amateur clubs between hope and fear

Amateur clubs between hope and fear

Can the season be ended? What happens in the event of an abandonment? Does the corona crisis threaten the existence of the club?? It’s questions like these that keep athletes busy in times of coronavirus. While some associations have created clarity, others rely on the factor of time.

Such as the bayerischer fubballverband (BFV), which has suspended match operations until further notice and hopes to finish the season regular. If necessary, after the deadline 30. June. Demolition is to be prevented. This is also the hope of SSV kasendorf, which is in second place in the district league and had a good chance of advancing to the state league, either directly or through the relegation process.

"Everybody plays fubball to become a champion or to get promoted. But the national league is a different story", says chairman volker tauber. However, tauber is not yet thinking about scenarios for regulating the ascent and descent in the event of a demolition. "There will be no solution that everyone can live with. But it should be as fair and just as possible."

SSV coach christoph wachter had given his team training plans. The kasendorfers should keep fit in their own four walls and in the open air in accordance with the official regulations. But it’s not only soccer that chairman tauber is missing. "The social is missing. The SSV is a club that is characterized by camaraderie." Sitting together in the clubhouse after training or a game is elementary to club life – and is currently not possible.

However, the club is not in danger of losing its existence due to the lack of revenue. "SSV is a healthy club and we can bridge a few months. But if this phase lasts longer, we will have to see how everything develops. We still have expenses, but no income." Tauber is concerned about whether sponsors will have the financial means to support a club in the future, given the looming economic crisis.

Three options in bowling

While in fubball the round is suspended, in bowling there is a three-step plan. The first two options are to bring the two remaining matches to the stage by the beginning of june at the latest. The last option is to cancel the round with the current standings. In this scenario, SKC franken kulmbach would be the champion of the district league and promoted to the district league.

For press officer rene hinz it would be a title with an aftertaste. "The championship was always associated with not having been the fairest", hinz was in pain if SKC were to become champions this way. "For the table runner-up hof it would be an extreme pity and sporting justice would not be plan C." Because: hof had the chance to jump to first place and become champion by its own efforts in the remaining direct duel against kulmbach.

On the other hand, says hinz, the table after 16 of 18 games is meaningful enough to justify a termination of the current standings. Should the bavarian government’s restrictions be relaxed and the association be able to go ahead with plan A or B, the SKC would think twice about entering the competition. "We would not play the last two games if the risk was still too high for us" , says hinz. With the game against hof still to come, this would be tantamount to forfeiting the championship.

For the bavarian league team lohengrin kulmbach, the two remaining matchdays were in any case inevitable, since the relegation to the landesliga can no longer be prevented. The situation in the national league is different. The SKC follschnitz had managed to stay in the class during a season breakup. If the two games were still to be played, however, SKC could still slip into a relegation spot.

What happens to the post SV kulmbach?

No more matches will be played in table tennis. The german table tennis federation (DTTV) and the 18 state associations have decided: the season is over with the current standings. The first-place teams are promoted, the teams in the relegation places are relegated. The teams in the relegation places will remain in their leagues.

In the district class B group 5, the situation is tricky. TTC trebgast-lanzendorf is in first place, followed by post SV kulmbach on equal points. "We have not yet received any feedback on how to proceed in our case", says PSV chairman rainer leichauer. Either, if the situation allows it, a deciding match must be played or both teams will be promoted. For leichauer, however, the league affiliation plays only a subordinate role.

"Should we stay in the bezirksklasse, it would not be a bad thing. We have three players over 60 and no youngsters to come along. Maybe it would be better if we stayed in the league." Especially since, according to leichauer, a league reform is pending and the district league will be stronger in the coming season.

In the forced break leichauer miss not only the duels on the plate. "Sport is missing, but so is socializing. We play at hobby level and the social contacts are very important. Sitting together after practice or a game, that’s just part of it" at least: financially the association is not endangered. "The issues are not the rough. It is necessary to buy balls and plates every few years."

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