Hallstadt outdoor pool: 3000 square meters available for free use

Hallstadt outdoor pool: 3000 square meters available for free use

Bad luck! Whoever wants to play a round of minigolf at the hallstadt outdoor pool is now faced with an empty flat. You don't have to ring the bell at the kiosk, as a sign recommends. There was schlager, ball and play bow. The ara minigolf at the hallstadter outdoor pool is over with this year. In the spring, the city's construction yard dismantled the 16 lanes. Via an intermediary they may have landed in austria in the meantime. Where the neighbors of the alpine republic can enjoy this sport.

In hallstadt, at any rate, the city council no longer saw a future for this type of recreational activity at the previous location. "The numbers have been declining for years", says mayor markus zirkel (SPD) about it. At most 150 paying guests played on the rinks between may and october. As many as he has seen in just one weekend comparatively in the mini golf course in bug. Two euros paid the adults, one euro fifty the children. To what "gigantic revenue" it was easy to figure out how the city got there, says zirkel ironically.

In 1978, the open-air swimming pool was built with a surface area of almost 60,000 square meters, and with it the miniature golf course. At the beginning it was quite booming. Zirkel remembers playing four or five times a season in the early days. By the mid-1980s. And then much later, after being elected mayor in 2008, he went out to play a few more times. Nevertheless, since the 90s, the interest in this hallstadt plant has declined significantly. However, the head of the city admits, there has never been much advertising for the facility.

The attraction of the open-air swimming pool has also diminished, of course. From over 130,000 guests annually, the number of visitors has now leveled off at around 90,000. At the same time, the city stands behind the important holiday facility, which is to be energetically renovated after this season.

The minigolf course has not remained untouched by the time since 1978. That's why we had to do and invest quite a bit. Zirkel speaks here of a basic cleaning, but also of the fact that at least ten to twelve lanes had to be relined.

No decision made
The city council had already spoken out against a cure for the facility last year and voted for the dismantling of the lanes. This week, the future of the miniature golf course was once again the subject of discussion at the building committee meeting. However, no decision had yet been made. The individual factions have now definitely been given a homework assignment: to make concrete considerations about the future use of the facility and to collect arguments for the best one from their point of view. Scenarios for this already exist some and for a long time, let circles know about it.

In any case, the flat with its total of 3236 square meters offers potential for some projects. However, they should serve in the broadest sense of a recreational use. Conceivable is therefore the integration into the open-air swimming pool and the expansion of the existing area. The parking area of the open-air swimming pool has also been extended. That brought in about 100 seats.

Another possibility is the creation of separate recreational facilities such as a children's playground or a beach volleyball court. So to speak, as a supplement to the freegame facility that has existed outside the pool since 2006. As is well known, fubball, handball and basketball can be played there. But it was also possible to create a parking space for mobile homes. The last of the options is the extension of the existing kiosk area, for example with a beer garden. Mayor zirkel is keeping quiet about which variant he will vote for in next week's city council meeting.

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