Remembrance of a deceased “visit” of the right

Remembrance of a deceased 'visit' of the right

The main purpose of this evening was probably to provoke and provoke fears. The defendant oliver B. (name changed) had mobilized six comrades-in-arms via whatsapp, including thorsten P., who took part in a festival against racism on 7. June 2015 show their presence and wanted to (mis)store the participants.

Those involved at the time were already sentenced to fines and imprisonment by the bamberg district court three years ago, but now the events are also of interest for the current neo-nazi trial before the state protection chamber of the district court. Because, among other things, the chat protocols read out in court show that it was a planned action, in which also members and supporters of the "white wolfe terrorcrew" participated participated. "No weapons, but gloves and a scarf are desired", had B. Retrieved from. Peter F. Was not present on this day, because against him already some indications ran because of dangerous corporeal injury and he "rather first times the fube still hold" wanted.

The others, on the other hand, were willing to participate, and had already enjoyed mixing up the afternoon football tournament against racism. B. But wrote to the group that due to the "dilettantish preparation" he was not allowed to attend only wanted to limit to an antifa lecture on right-wing structures, which at 7 pm in cafe "balthasar" began. After there had been trouble with the right-wingers several times before (among other things, F. In may 2015 a window with a manhole cover), the event was protected by a police patrol at the barrier.

However, this did not prevent the storenfriede from setting up on the other side of the street, some also masked themselves with hose scarves or sunglasses. "The manner were recognized as neo-nazis by various people present, which naturally caused some to panic", says a witness who was at the "balthasar" that evening wanted to listen to the lecture.

"It was obvious that this was not going to be a friendly visit, fear was the prevailing mood", says another. The guests quickly blocked the door and, where possible, pulled down the shutters.

P. Is said to have hit a window, B. Tried to use a tablet to take photos from the "balthasar"-inside. The police patrol then called for reinforcements, which soon arrived. Four of the perpetrators were arrested, including B. In the previous chat, he had imagined things differently, when a fellow campaigner explained that the whole thing would probably end in "custody" again ends: "we have to leave quickly after that. I have to work the next day, I can not miss again."

The action is discussed in the right-wing whatsapp groups the next day. One of the participants boasts that he "pissed the cell five times" another complains that "the left-wing pundits have kept the door shut for five".

"Anti-german event"

Karli V testifies on the witness stand., at that time still weisse-wolfe-anwarter as well as NPD- and die-rechte-member: "i didn’t like to have anything more to do with these people, neither with the right, nor with the left extremists." V. Self is just a "stupid follower the whole action was "more than damlich", after his conviction, he had finished with the right-wingers. For the "white wolves he was considered a traitor and was expelled. "When I later read about the planned construction, I was really shocked", says V.

"There should be an anti-german event. We wanted to take a look, that’s all", says erich K. "But they certainly didn’t just want to expand their knowledge.", replied the presiding judge manfred schmidt. In response to the claim that K. He wanted to take a group picture "in front of the ticks who are shitting their pants", the witness explained: "a lot of this movement was just blah blah, there was never any substance behind it." Prosecutor andre libischer had to contradict: "maybe you see it that way, mr. K."

The trial will be held on 8. November continued with further witnesses and expert witnesses.

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