Peggy: are they her bone splinters?

Peggy: are they her bone splinters?

If you didn't know it was about the mysterious disappearance of little peggy knobloch – you could mistake this hole in a lichtenberg backyard for work after some veritable water damage. Wet earth, silt, sandstones, in between the remains of gravel, on which the cobblestones of the courtyard driveway lay until monday morning. Now all this has been torn up and removed. Investigators and journalists look more than two meters down yesterday at noon, stare into the remains of a seepage pit and see – nothing.

That there is nothing there is not quite right: as senior public prosecutor ernst schmalz (bayreuth) reported, the investigators had stumbled on bone fragments. These are examined accordingly since tuesday evening by forensic doctors. The origin of the fragments is still unclear, possibly they could be animal bones. It is also conceivable that the pieces are of human origin, but do not come from the wanted peggy, but from a grave of the abandoned cemetery very close to the investigated property.

The police had taken a close look at the property on the market square after there were new indications of a possible location for peggy's body. During the search, the tuv rheinland had indicated cavities under the house and the paved backyard with radar probes. The police loved to use heavy equipment, an excavator dug for more than two days through the back part of the present. In addition to a sewage pipe of recent date, several stone drains were found, which apparently lead into a coarser pit.

The excavations in the aubengelande are now finished, said jurgen stadter, spokesman for the police prasidium of upper franconia. The search for clues is now focused on a possible access in the basement of the building, which could have led to an underground room. Jackhammer to give investigators access soon.

Resident is considered the accused
The resident of the house, a 63-year-old man, is now considered an accused according to the public prosecutor's office. The man, who was sentenced to three years in prison in 2008 for sexually abusing his granddaughter and godchild, has been at the bayreuth police station for questioning in recent days. There is no warrant for his arrest. Police spokesman stadter confirmed, however, that investigators had examined two other objects connected to the 63-year-old: a barn in neighboring thuringia and a residential house in nurnberg, where relatives of the man are said to live.

Police continue to give no information on the source that brought peggy's neighbor into the focus of the investigation. If one considers however the auand of the trace search, which the police in its house operates, it must grant a high mab at credibility to the tipster. Rumor has it that it may have been a former roommate of the 63-year-old who gave the – possibly decisive – hint.

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