Daniel Lohfink leaves csu local association

The members’ meeting of the CSU local association took a surprising turn. The main focus was supposed to be the election of a mayoral candidate for the 2020 municipal elections. But then daniel lohfink announced that he was resigning as chairman of the local association with immediate effect and would be leaving the local association.

The reason given by lohfink was the course of two previous meetings in which he had strongly criticized the incumbent mayor alfred gundling (CSU) and had positioned himself as an opposing candidate. He now announced that he would not be available to the local association as a candidate for mayor. Lohfink then left the meeting.

At first, there was confusion among the members until, after consulting the bylaws, they agreed to continue the meeting according to the agenda. The deputy chairman, sebastian wieber, temporarily took over the chairmanship of the meeting.

The prevailing opinion at the meeting was that the ramsthal local association, which had essentially come into being as a result of lohfink’s initiative, should be retained. A merger with other associations in the administrative community of euerdorf will not be sought. A new chairman is to be sought and elected.

During the election of the mayoral candidate, gundling declared his willingness to run again. At the request of the assembly, he presented his program for the next six years. In essence, he wants to focus on the continuation of the municipal tree removals that are already underway.

This concerns the expansion of the building area, the renovation of water and sewer lines and the road in parts of the settlement, the rainwater retention basin and the future planning for the clearing plant. To the "forest for the soul" project he did not make a positive statement.

At the election of the mayoral candidate, gundling received twelve votes. There were no votes against, two ballots were invalid.

In contrast to the last municipal election, the CSU local association wants to run again with its own list for the municipal council. Now that the candidate for mayor has been determined, he wants to take care of the recruitment of candidates. Wieber called for an intensive search for council candidates. The aim is "to control public opinion" to have.

After the meeting, lohfink declared in response to a question from the newspaper that he would in future belong to another CSU local association. In the run-up to the meeting, it did not seem very promising to him to run against gundling, whom he does not want to support for another six years under any circumstances.

According to his statements, however, lohfink is still aiming to become mayor of ramsthal, and is currently exploring the possibility of trying this with the group interessengemeinschaft/aktiver burgerblock or a new grouping. According to his statements, his main concern in the local elections is ramsthal and not the CSU local association.

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