Gymnasium albertinum introduces itself

Last but not least, the gymnasium albertinum concludes the presentation round of the four coburg gymnasiums and invites on friday, 22. March, for this year’s info day for elementary school students a. Gymnasium albertinum offers two branches, one in arts and one in languages.

Interested students and parents will have the opportunity to learn about both types of education and to get an idea of the many choices available, including languages and the school’s many different artistic ensembles. In this context, it is also important to know that you don’t have to know how to play an instrument if you want to attend the music high school, writes the school administration in a press release.

Versatile school

The albertinum is a grammar school that has adopted the motto "small, friendly and familiar" and whose school community offers children and young people a space to preserve individuality, to develop and ultimately to acquire the general qualification for university entrance, it continues. Visitors to the information day were able to see for themselves that, in addition to musical and linguistic education, scientific education and a reflective approach to modern media are not neglected.

Small final concert

During various tours you get a glimpse of the equipment of the school. Questions about transfer and school careers will be answered at an information session. The elementary school students take part in a taster session so that they can get a first impression of their school life at the gymnasium. The event begins at 15.45 o’clock, at the end there will be a small concert in the annex of the school. On monday, 25. March, there is the offer to try out instruments that can be learned at the albertinum. More information can be found on the homepage of the school.

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