Spd friesen recalls the water promise

At the meeting of the friesen SPD local association, waves ran high when city councilor marina schmitt talked about "the never-ending story" the drinking water improvement in friesen went. For more than 15 years, she has been talking about the need to add water from kronach. Apart from promises and promises, not much has happened to supply all of friesland with softer water.

Deputy chairman andreas rosin noted that the friesener SPD had already demanded the softening of the water more than 30 years ago with a signature campaign. In a castle meeting in 2013, mayor beiergroblein and the then head of the municipal utility had publicly promised that they would "solve the problem next year" become. Until today, this overdue promise has not been kept.

There was a lot of discussion when it came to the "disastrous situation of the SPD" in the state and the federal government. The much-vaunted "renewal of the party" can only succeed if you can credibly convey to people what kind of policy the SPD stands for, said marina schmitt. Only a return to the party’s basic social orientation could raise its profile again.

Chairman egon becker criticized the fact that many prasidium members "have lost all grip on the ground", and michael stengl called for the SPD to leave the federal government and for personnel consequences so that a promising new direction could be tackled.

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