Basic training for firefighters passed

Basic training for firefighters passed

22 firefighters from the city and district of kitzingen successfully completed the basic module "modular training for firefighters". This module represents the basic training of the fire departments and has replaced the former troop man and troop leader training as well as the radio training, it says in the communication of the fire department.

Since january, the participants have received 120 hours of basic training in theory and practice. The centrally conducted part of the training ends with the passing of the exam. In the next two years, the participants will receive further training in their respective home fire departments. After these two years and at least 40 hours of documented training, the final examination will be on the program.

Exactly this final examination also took place for another group of participants at the kitzingen fire department. Here, a total of 17 firefighters faced the judges of the district fire chief dirk albrecht and the district fire chiefs steffen gernert and mario manfrini.

These participants successfully completed the basic module two years ago and had now undergone well over 100 hours of further documented training in the fire departments. All participants successfully passed the exam and can now be deployed as squad leaders.

The city fire chief of the fire department of kitzingen, matthias gernert, thanked the participants of both examination groups as well as the instructors under the leadership of dominik stengel for the time invested and noted that with the passing of the examination, all paths in the fire department are now open.

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