Minister prefers “a boor as a whole

Minister prefers 'a boor as a whole

Eight bratwursts a day – for economics minister martin zeil, that’s no problem at all at the moment. He is once again on a three-day bratwurst tour through franconia. “After that, it”s time for sports”, the FDP politician revealed yesterday at the kulmbach marketplace.
"I know that one, don"t I?…" Guesswork prevailed yesterday afternoon on the market square. But when the local FDP put up the yellow tents, the people of kulmbach could believe their eyes. Yes, it was him: the man in casual female shirt was none other than economics minister martin zeil. At the small wooden booth, where the sausages are still roasted on the charcoal grill, he and the chairman of the FDP state parliamentary group, thomas hacker, enjoyed the kulmbach specialty.
For the minister there was even "A boor in the whole". While thomas hacker’s memories of his time in kulmbach were awakened, the minister was amazed at the different sausages and loved to explain the peculiarities of a genuine kulmbacher stollen. "I am a friend of the fine bratwursts", faction leader thomas hacker gushed and laughed.
The economics minister already has plenty of experience with sausages, after all, his wife barbara comes from treuchtlingen. "I have a french mother-in-law", laughed the minister of economics, openly admitting that even on christmas eve zeils always serves bratwurst. Mostly fried and with herbs.
"Of course i eat bratwurst with mustard. The yellow blob is the right root", martin zeil alluded to politics. "As long as I am minister of economics, there will be no standardized bratwurst. And i am also in favor of everyone eating what he or she likes. We are against a regulatory frenzy, he said.
His bratwurst tour took him from hof via hirschaid, fochheim and bayreuth to kulmbach. In coburg, the minister even filled bratwurst dough into his own intestines. The tour also serves to get into conversation with the people. "People come up to me. People are concerned about what will happen if there really is a change of government. People often bring regional issues to me", so zeil.

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