Umbrellas, glasses, cream: the best way to protect yourself from the sun and uv rays

Umbrellas, glasses, cream: the best way to protect yourself from the sun and uv rays

As soon as the sun comes out we are drawn to the outdoors. But the higher the temperatures, the more cautious you should be. If you want to enjoy the sun without worrying, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The right parasol

Sunshades not only provide shade, they also protect against sunburn. The light or UV protection factor of the fabric is best between 60 and 80, advises gerd engelhardt from tuv rheinland. These are special uv-protective textiles. According to the german cancer aid and the working group for dermatological prevention, a normal sunshade can only have a protection factor of 5. For comparison: tree foliage achieves a value of between 5 and 15, a light female shirt 10 and densely woven, darker cotton clothing over 20.

Eyes need protection too

The basic rule in summer is to protect the eyes from UV rays. But darker lenses on sunglasses are not necessarily safer. Tinting determines glare protection, but not UV protection.

Watch out when buying sunglasses

Before buying sunglasses, it is important to check if they have a CE mark, which is compulsory in europe. With this label, the manufacturer indicates that the glasses have UV protection for light with a wavelength of up to 380 nanometers, explains stiftung warentest. However, harmful light can reach up to 400 nanometers. An additional label UV400 indicates that rays up to this wavelength are blocked.

Sunscreen : more is more

Skin also urgently needs protection from the rays. This is especially true for the sensitive skin of children. Parents should use sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 30 for their babies. When applying sunscreen, it's better to be too thick than too thin.

The best tips: how to withstand the heat

What's good for babies can't be bad for adults

Sunscreen for babies should not contain dyes, preservatives or fragrances that may cause allergies. These requirements are met, for example, by products bearing the seal of the german skin and allergy association (DHA). Direct sun is taboo for babies: when out walking, parents protect their babies with appropriate clothing, hats and sunglasses, the DHA recommends.

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