Artful whistle concert in the dormitory

Artful whistle concert in the dormitory

The young female students and a male student, who live in busan, the second largest city in south korea, located at the southeastern end of the korean peninsula on the coast of the sea of japan, from where it takes four hours by car to get to japan, were supervised by musicologist chae heung lim, who speaks german fondly.

The director of the home, thomas geldner, buried the asian guests and gave them a tour of the house together with the home's resident michaela mende. Especially the three students, who want to take up a career in the care sector, were interested in all the rooms, whether it was the residents' rooms, bathrooms, therapy rooms or common rooms, and eagerly took pictures.

Coffee with the residents
At a coffee round with some home residents one came closer to each other. It turned out that in addition to a piano student, there was also a voice student with a wagner scholarship holder. While the pianist was unable to demonstrate her skills due to the lack of a piano, the singer yu-jin choi, after some hesitation, sang her beautiful voice and delighted the audience with the robert schumann song "dedication".

The leader of the travel group studied musicology in bayreuth and earned his doctorate there. He has been teaching music history and theory at a university in his home country for the past seven years and also conducts seminars on richard wagner. During the semester break, he regularly spends time in bayreuth, working on various projects and mentoring richard wagner scholarship holders, who of course receive free tickets to the festival.

Much applause
Also chae heung lim proved his musicality with a special performance. He is so well known in south korea as an artistic piper that he often appears on television there. For his short whistle concert with the goethe poem "the violet" set to music by wolfgang amadeus mozart, an excerpt from the 3. Sentence "alla turca, a piano sonata by mozart, and the famous military march "old comrades" he earned rough applause.

Lim also works as a tour guide. For the 14-day stay, an extensive sightseeing tour is planned. After visiting prague, berlin and bamberg, the group plans to explore the royal palaces of herrenchiemsee, neuschwanstein and linderhof, the bavarian capital munich, the lake constance region and Switzerland.

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