To Saalfeld and the fairy caves

The annual trip of the hammelburg seniors' union took the participants along the thuringian-french slate road to saalfeld/saale in thuringia. It had been organized by the deputy local chairman ludwig sand. Off we went in summery weather.

Unexpectedly, the participants got caught in a traffic check, which cost them half an hour of time. Nevertheless, there was an extensive second breakfast afterwards, which kriemhild and ludwig sand had prepared.

Then the participants visited the saalfeld fairy grottoes, whose stalactite formations nature has created over the course of time in the former "jeremias gluck" mine arise dear. More than a hundred years ago, the mining of the slate for alum salt extraction had been discontinued. Then, in the 1930s, the formation of dripstones in the underground world was discovered, and the "most colorful show caves in the world" were created to a tourist destination in the former monastery, mining and residential town of saalfeld. A light theater with appropriate classical music was then the high point of the fairy-like grotto tour, which was pleasantly cool with the temperatures.

Saalfeld is one of thuringia's oldest cities, with a history dating back more than 1100 years, and it was the next destination for the senior citizens' union. They visited the evangelical johanniskirche and took part in a guided tour of the city in a vintage bus. After that, there was just enough time to eat and drink before heading home.

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