Open beatz: investigation ongoing

The music festival in the herzogenaurach suburb of hofen was well attended in summer weather conditions from thursday to sunday. The visitors celebrated exuberantly and predominantly peacefully, the police announced on monday in their balance sheet.

In total, the herzogenaurach police department, with the support of the erlangen and ansbach task forces and the riot police, recorded around 22 incidents in connection with the event.

A particularly tragic accident occurred early on saturday evening, when a 31-year-old man died after falling from a ferris wheel. The investigation into the cause of the accident has been taken over by the erlangen criminal investigation department.

Massive resistance

The emergency services were also intensively involved in an incident on friday evening. Apparently under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicating substances, a 24-year-old festival-goer initially attracted negative attention from a security guard for, among other things, making a so-called "hitlergrub" showed. When the police checked the man, he resisted massively. Among other things, he tried to spit on the officers and bit an officer’s finger so hard that the policeman was no longer fit for duty and had to be treated in hospital.

The rowdy festival-goer now faces charges for various crimes. Because of his aggressive behavior, he was admitted to the district hospital. On the transport way it came to further acts of resistance and the man insulted also the police officers who accompanied him.

Sexually charged

On sunday night, a 20-year-old female festival-goer filed a complaint with the police because an unknown man had suddenly grabbed her breast so violently on the event grounds that she suffered several scratch wounds. The young woman suffered a shock. The unknown is under investigation for sexual assault and intentional bodily harm.

In addition, the police recorded two reports of theft, one report of alleged ticket fraud, one report of property damage and dealt with four violations of the narcotics law.

Six driver’s licenses gone

During intensive checks, police officers caught a total of six vehicle drivers who had drunk too much or taken drugs. These drivers must now expect a driving ban in addition to the charge.

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