Alcoholic excesses and the dear grumpy paddle

Well, that can happen, because the kulmbacher brewery has not provided its mabkruge with an instruction leaflet: for risks and side effects, ask your doctor or pharmacist! Apart from all the alcoholic excesses that have never failed to occur in any year, one thing remains – for me at least – to be said: the beer week is one of the most enjoyable festivals in the course of the year in kulmbach.

Already purely atmospheric. Whoever marches toward stadel spurs that certain lightness of being. The whole town seems to be on vacation, and everyone you know, even if you don't really have anything to do with them, greets you in a friendly manner. People toast each other or start a conversation, which hardly existed in the non-beer festival time.
And even if it's only in the little place under the beer tent, where communication can certainly lose its level: "no, aa aweng do"?" "Maanst net!", the answer comes like a shot from a pistol – and with an undertone of indignation follows the follow-up: "ich hob nuch kaan toch versaamt!"

And that's the question now: can you miss a day of beer week?? I mean yes. Because if the procurement and consumption of alcohol determine your life, you are sick. Says at least Wikipedia.

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