Against a low mood in winter: flowers and houseplants in the house for a better mood

In winter the choice of cut flowers is not very coarse. In spring, the first tulips are sold in sprouts. Thus, the coming spring is already announced also in the apartment. By the way, the wild form of the tulip is not red, but yellow. At the easter bells it took a while until you can get these lovely flowers.

Houseplants: hibiscus clings to windows

The hibiscus as a pot plant tolerates a pruning at the end of January. It is best kept as a tall trunk. Hibiscus thrives particularly well in warm and sunny windows. Even in winter it is able to bloom tirelessly. Unfortunately, in very dry and warm indoor air, leaf lice and moth shield lice regularly set in.

For this reason, unfortunately, many flower lovers do without the hibiscus. Stable control and the removal of the first louse prevent mass infestation in the first place. Often, however, only the removal and destruction of the infested leaves, buds and tips helps.

Now in winter, during the heating period, indoor plants with smooth leaves should be cleaned from dust with a damp fine cloth. Then they really breathe.


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