Coarse operation stops sand in its tracks

A 65-year-old man, who was apparently in an exceptional psychological situation, caused a large-scale operation by the police, fire department and rescue service in sand late on friday afternoon. The man had gone onto the roof of his house and threatened to jump off, according to the police prasidium for lower franconia in wurzburg. The man survived and was taken to a district hospital.

About 16.45 o'clock the integrated control center of the fire department received the message about a 65-year-old man who threatened to jump from the roof of his house into the depths. When the first police and firefighters arrived, the man was about 15 meters above the ground on the roof of his house. An approach to the man by means of a turntable ladder of the fire department was not possible at first, because he threatened to jump in this case.

A firefighter from the local fire department managed to establish a conversation with the 65-year-old after a short time. He was assisted by a specially trained officer from the habfurt police station, who is also part of the negotiating team of the police prasidium of lower franconia. In the meantime, the local fire departments secured the area under the roof of the house with four sprinkler cloths.

According to the police, the 65-year-old was finally persuaded to get off the roof on his own. The man, who was apparently in an exceptional mental situation, was subsequently taken to a district hospital by ambulance.

The local fire departments from sand, habfurt, eltmann, ebelsbach, zeil and kirchaich were in action with a total of 82 forces

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