Spd in swimming pool

Spd in swimming pool

The water in the coarse swimming pool of the terraced swimming pool glistened deep blue and invitingly in the evening sun as manager roland buhner invited the group from the local SPD association of bad kissingen to the pool. The members around the chairman and city councillor tobias schneider had not come to do a test swim in the pool, but to find out about the situation of the pool after the extensive tree removals.

The tour began with the swimming and diving area. At the site of the pool with waterfall, which had repeatedly caused problems in the past, a new, flat sunbathing area has been created, where in the future it will also be possible to rent deckchairs. And of course, the visitors were especially excited about the new pools in the children’s and non-swimmer’s area, which had been redesigned in recent months and equipped with stainless steel pools. The group spent a total of almost two hours in the pool.

The members of the local association contributed their own stories from their youth at the terraced swimming pool.

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