New charges against ex-arcandor boss middelhoff

New charges against ex-arcandor boss middelhoff

Your spokesman confirmed a corresponding report in the "bild" newspaper. Middelhoff is accused of several counts of disloyalty because he charged the company with non-operating costs. This refers to flights that were not undertaken for business purposes. It is said to be a high six-figure sum.

Middelhoff’s lawyers said they were "surprised because both in an extensive written statement and in a personal interrogation of dr. Middelhoff explained the official reasons for each individual flight and backed them up with evidence."

A spokesman for the essen regional court confirmed receipt of the complaint and said that middelhoff’s defenders now have six weeks to respond to the charges. Only then will the court decide whether to allow the action to go forward. It is not yet possible to say when that will be.

Middelhoff is currently in court with the arcandor insolvency administrator in two other proceedings. The company is seeking damages from the former CEO before the essen regional court for what it considers to be improperly billed flight costs. He also wants middelhoff and other ex-managers to pay damages because they were wrongly paid bonuses and severance pay. In the second instance, the higher regional court in hamm is already hearing further claims for damages by the insolvency administrator in connection with real estate transactions.

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