Comes new used goods market?

Comes new used goods market?

The used goods market, which was previously offered by integra at the guterbahnhof, is getting a new lease of life. As district administrator klaus peter sollner () indicated at yesterday's meeting of the district council's environment committee, both the BRK district association and the diakonie with its managing directors jurgen dippold and karl-heinz kuch signaled that they were prepared to develop a concept for a used goods market. They were even running this together if necessary. Volunteers and the employment agency are also to be integrated into this concept with regard to a claim. The environmental committee agreed that both parties should work out a concept and submit it to the district administration office.
District administrator sollner also referred to the motions of the FDP district association and the district council faction bundnis 90/die grunen. The free democrats in their letter of 22. The question of where people in need who are not in a position to buy new furniture can pick up used furniture in the future was raised by the drechsler environmental protection company in september, and it was established that "comparable services in bayreuth and kronach will continue to operate for many years to come."
And the district council faction bundnis 90/die grunen came to the conclusion in its motion: "by closing integra, the district of kulmbach will lose an important potential for waste avoidance on the part of the waste management industry. The possibility of employing, challenging and placing welfare recipients is also reduced. The supply especially of the socially weak population strata with used goods should also be implemented here. Such models work in other local authorities, so it would be worthwhile to investigate and install an analogous concept for kulmbach as well."

There was an acute need for action

District administrator sollner told the environmental committee that they would also involve their own social services department in order to arrive at a sustainable solution.
Sollner also commented on the award decision of the district committee regarding the establishment and operation of a collection point for waste electrical and electronic equipment to the company drechsler umweltschutz KG, kulmbach. After the awo district association announced the liquidation of integra on 30. September 2017 had informed the district office of kulmbach, action had to be taken quickly. The establishment and operation of a collection point for electrical appliances was then postponed to the period from 1 january 2009. October 2017 to 30. September 2020 limited and with an option on verlangerung advertised. According to gunter sollner, five companies were invited to submit a bid, but only drechsler umweltschutz KG from kulmbach submitted a bid. There was therefore an acute need for action. District administrator sollner praised the quick decision of his two employees detlef zenk and gunter sollner: "in a relatively short time, a solution was put in place. We were obligated to act and have found a sustainable solution. My employees reacted quickly and with foresight."

Duty to take back

Clerk zenk also pointed out that the trade is obliged to take back old equipment up to a coarseness of 25 centimeters free of charge, irrespective of this.
An editorial amendment to the statutes on the avoidance, recycling and disposal of waste in the district of kulmbach was approved. Here a new paragraph was included, which gives the administration the possibility to impose a fine in particular on deliverers of green waste at the composting plants, who do not come from the area of the district of kulmbach. District administrator klaus peter sollner spoke of a "toothless tiger" in this context, because up to now the district office had no legal means to take action against it.

New fees for building rubble

The fee statutes for the public waste disposal of the district of kulmbach were also changed. For example, the fee at the himmelkron landfill for uncontaminated, non-recyclable construction waste was set at 75 euros per cubic meter. The adjustment was considered necessary by the administration, since the removal of contaminated, non-recyclable rubble is carried out in the same way and is necessary. So far, this price was 38.35 euro.
The fifth forest experience day was scheduled for the 30. September 2018; it takes place after consultation with the forestry experts in stadtsteinach. The next car-free sunday, which county councilman sollner called a self-runner, will take place on 19. May 2019 in the weismain valley.

Grants awarded

In continuation of the previous grants for agricultural purposes, the environment committee approved the following grants: maschinen- und betriebshilfsring kulmbach 1400 euro, bayerischer bauernverband/landfrauenarbeit 1800 euro, verband fur landwirtschaftliche fachbildung kulmbach 700 euro, kreisverband der imker 1500 euro, verein zur forderung und betreuung des bauernmarktes in stadtsteinach 500 euro. Joined the operator network for municipal waste management. The annual membership fee is 250 euros.

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