This is how the munich “crime scene” will be on sunday

this is how the munich

"Why don't we have another simple case where a man beats his wife to death because he catches her in bed with his best friend in flagrante delicto? – the munich "crime scene-commissioner franz leitmayr (udo wachtveitl) speaks from the depths of time in his youngest case what his colleague ivo batic (miroslav nemec) is probably also thinking. Director dominik graf didn't exactly make it easy for his two investigators.

Not only leitmayr finds temporary refuge in munich's westend, the body of florian holzer also turns up in a construction pit in the neighborhood. Batic suspects a robbery-murder behind the crime and meets croatian countrymen during the investigation. But there are other investigative approaches: "calamity jane" magda holzer (erni mangold), the adoptive mother of the murder victim, resides together with her biological son peter (martin feifel), who is hated by her, and his girlfriend liz (meret becker) in a villa on the banks of the isar river. But peter and florian both had a relationship with liz, and on the night of the murder the two brothers had a fight.

Or is it about corruption? The victim worked as an architect for the well-known munich construction company radlmeyer, which is in the process of "turning around" the traditionally grown westend for people with purchasing power with their tree removals. Liz is an event manager and has the best contacts with the city administration, which is accused of giving away land for less than its worth. When suddenly there is another dead body, the events come to a head. Coiffeur hem stauffacher (maximilian bruckner), who is also connected to the holzer family, lies dead in his kitchen. Peter holzer goes crazy – and in the end all the threads come together in the holzer family villa.

Yes. Dominik graf, who in recent years has preferred to devote himself to the "polizeiruf" as the "scene of the crime has turned "from the depths of time" into a serious, fast-paced a serious, fast-paced thriller that thrives on flashbacks, intercutting and lighting effects. Although the protest against the luxury redevelopment of the westend is not neglected, graf refrains from moralizing.

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