Things to know about Coburg’s treetops

Things to know about coburg's treetops

It is undoubtedly a flagship of the vestadt: the courtyard garden. At the fube of the "french crown the park covers an area of around 30 hectares and is particularly impressive for its trees.
More than 1,300 trees are catalogued in the park, about the same number belong to the so-called forest stand, in which the trees are not recorded individually. Among the 1300 officially listed trees, there are also many distinctive trees that are numbered and described in a brochure from the coburg land office. In a certain sense, trees are often, as well as museums, witnesses of a time long gone.
The grunflachenamt joined the "coburg museum night and offered a tree tour through the courtyard garden.
About 40 guests accepted the invitation and followed forestry technician stephan just on a two-hour tour through the courtyard garden and enjoyed an extremely expert introduction to the world of the striking trees. Stephan just described the characteristics of the trees, which are up to 350 years old, in an entertaining and at the same time informative way.
It became clear that not every piece of wood is clear how it found its way into the courtyard garden. So also with the rare yellowwood tree, which suffers at the moment from the fact that it serves as a climbing apparatus and at events on the castle square as a holder of safety ropes.
According to stephan just, this burden led to the fact that the tribe is divided. "But replacements are already in place", informed the expert. Some of the participants were also surprised to learn that a poplar tree can be used as firewood.
"Provided it is well dried out", emphasized just.

Some surprise

During the hike through the courtyard garden, the group stopped in front of trees such as the blue atlas cedar, the gleditschie, the whisker tree, the ginkgo, the 50-meter-high sequoia, the tulip tree or even the antler tree. All are not necessarily suspected in a central european park. Stephan just not only had a lot to say about these trees, he also had a lot of interesting information to share about local woodsmen and made people want to stroll through the courtyard garden with their eyes wide open.

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