Juvenile beater must go into custody

Juvenile beater must go into custody

A 17-year-old from kitzingen kicked a teenager in the face and hit him last summer. He has not yet served his sentence for that. Now the judge has pronounced a harsher sentence.

"We've been messing around with the conditions for seven months already", meant the representation of the youth welfare service. In a civil case the youth was already sentenced. He was to serve 60 hours of community service to serve out his sentence. He has worked off just over half of it. He was assigned to four different facilities for the social hours. In all four of them, after a certain time, it just didn't come on anymore.
"It would have been good if they had shown me before the appointment today that they actually want", said the judge during the hearing. Ten weeks ago, the unemployed young man had started his last shift.

Without a high school diploma
The 17-year-old is no stranger to dancing. A year ago he was expelled from high school in the ninth grade without a diploma, because he simply did not come anymore. Now he has no job and no earnings. Once a week he currently goes to vocational school. But when asked if he goes there regularly, the 17-year-old shakes his head.

He sits quietly in his chair, hardly moves at all. The representative of the youth welfare service describes him as calm and reserved. "So far he has not been noticed as a hitter." He has trouble from time to time with his mother, who is raising him alone, but that is not unusual at this age. "I don't know why it doesn't work. It fails simply at the conversion."

With the fist in the face
Also the accused himself does not know why it does not work with the auxiliary service. At least that is what he tells the judge. "I took too much time with the social hours."

A year ago, anger over another teenager had built up inside him. He had insulted him and fondled his sister, as he told the judge again. Then he had hit him in the face with his fist and kicked him. The one facial neck of his victim was swollen and bruised afterwards.

"But that could have ended very differently, he was lucky", said the judge. Now it is important to show the accused juvenile where he can go if he continues to commit crimes. The 17-year-old now has to spend four days in short detention. "This is to show: if you commit a crime, you get locked up. This should be a lesson for the future."

With the verdict, the judge remains below what the representation of the prosecution has demanded. The judge wanted to punish the young man with one week of permanent detention: "I can only wish him that he understands that he has to catch up on his school-leaving certificate in order to get an apprenticeship."

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