The controversial pavement shall finally give way

The controversial pavement shall finally give way

But not only the pavement should be removed, but also a real bus stop with a waiting house will be built. "The school children wait for the bus outside in all weathers", said the mayor after the decision of the closed session.

Many discussions preceded
The pavement caused discussions from the beginning, not only in burgstall, but also in the city council and the planning committee. So last year the accusation was made that the removal of the pavement was a waste of taxation. For mayor hacker and the people directly affected it is an avoidable burden.

"The local thoroughfare is a through road and in burgstall there is almost no source or destination traffic, most vehicles come from the "further landkreis", the burgermeister explains.

Optical brake hoped for
One hoped at that time with the laying of the paving that the drivers would step because of the optical change of the roadway somewhat on the brakes. But few did, and so many vehicles continued to rumble rapidly over the pavement. The mayor is also aware of the fact that this is an imposition for the immediate residents. In the opinion of the head of the city, perhaps a different type of paving stone should have been installed at the time. "But that's yesterday's snow, we don't need to discuss that anymore today."

The reconstruction had to wait so long because the paving had been subsidized by the office for regional development and the city had to pay back the subsidy before the deadline expired. But hacker was not prepared to do this, and further planning was put on hold a year ago.
This deadline has now expired and the city wants to take action in the coming year. But this will only work if a proper bus stop can be built.

"For this we need flat land, and I hope that we will be able to acquire it", the mayor's wish. Then the road will be covered with asphalt and at the bus stop there will be a narrowing of the road.

The bus has priority
In other words: when the bus stops, no car can pass by and the passengers can get on and off the bus without danger. Hacker wants to take the citizens of burgstall with him in the redesign and inform them about the planning.

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