Exciting games at the christmas tournament

Exciting games at the christmas tournament

Middle school, grammar school, secondary school and once again classes from wildflecken and the st. Martin school from riedenberg determined their grade level champion in the respective age groups.

23 teams of the 5.-7. On the first day of the tournament (tuesday), the triple gymnasium was enlivened by sporting ambition as well as exciting and close games by the 8 classes. They were cheered on by their fellow fans on the tribune. In the 5. For the first time in the second grade, a team from wildflecken won the final against the 5a team from the realschule. The sixth grade was won by the 6a of the gymnasium against the 6a of the realschule. Particularly bitter for the secondary school was that seconds before the end a ball of the secondary school team could only be stopped by the crossbar. The gymnasium’s 7a won an internal school duel against 7b.

Title defended

18 teams of the 8. – 10. Classes continued the tournament on wednesday. In the 8. In the 8th grade, the 8a of the gymnasium won against the 8c of the middle school in a seven-meter shootout. In the 9. It was even more exciting in the 9th grade. The teams were so evenly matched that the group winners could only be determined after a seven-meter shootout. In the end the 9a of the gymnasium won against the 9dm of the middle school. The competition of the 10. In the 9th grade, the 10a of the realschule won against the 10a of the gymnasium. The class has thus retained its title of the 9a. The class was able to defend its title of the 9th grade from the previous year.

Fairest teams

The tournament days were accompanied by referees from the gymnasium, who conducted the games with dedication and reliability. Like last year, the SMV of the gymnasium kept foul statistics, which proved an extremely fair and sporting tournament. The fairest teams in each case, the 5b realschule on the first day or. The 8c of the middle school on the second day, were happy about a small prize.

School paramedics from all three schools cared for any injuries that occurred. The SMV of the realschule and a class of the mittelschule took care of the physical well-being and drinks in a well-preserved way. The schools are already looking forward to a continuation of this beautiful tradition in 2020.

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