“Die gotteskinder” celebrate with new german wave

The children's choir of the protestant church in grobgarnstadt looks ahead with the musical "vollig losgelost to ten successful years. "The children of god" present on saturday, 10. November, from 3 p.M. (admission 14.30 o'clock) in the evangelic church grobgarnstadt to the tenth anniversary a special musical.

This musical work, arranged and lyricized by leader jacqui karbach, tells a story of its own. The four- to 14-year-olds play themselves. The result was "vollig losgelost.

To the content: the children's and youth choir is about to give a concert to celebrate its tenth anniversary. The choir director is desperate. After many successful musicals and performances, she is under pressure to succeed. She just can't think of a good closing song. That's why the choir wants to help her. Some of the children hoard from a professor who had built a time machine. With this they travel into the past and make stops in the different years of the "new german wave (NDW).

They ask singers and bands how they have managed to make their songs so popular to this day. Others, on the other hand, are using their smartphones to find out what is so special about the NDW. Of course, the young singers also look back on their own ten-year past. In addition to the NDW songs, they will perform a few pieces from the musicals they have performed so far.

At the end, the young musicians convey the following message to the visitors: "music is an important mouthpiece! We can use it to express all our feelings, opinions and criticisms." Whether the young musical performers have also found an inspiring final song remains a mystery for the time being. The entrance is free. A break is built in. 

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