“Und ewig lockt das weib”: exhibition in the wine cellar

Visitors to the GWF’s wooden barrel cellar can expect a few surprises from friday, 18 january. January, reckon, when coarse black-and-white pictures adorn the old fasser. The artist volker glatz from heidelberg creates with his nude paintings a charming contrast to the dark cellar vaulting.

The group hammelburger kunstvereint thus continues its collaboration with the team of the winzerkeller to increase the attractiveness of the historic cellar through art.

Diverse talent

The artist from heidelberg has shown his diverse talents in numerous exhibitions in the rhein-neckar district and in the bad kissingen area. Since his early childhood, he has been passionate about drawing and painting, and he continues to study in different art academies. In germany and spain, he offers art lessons and is constantly devoting himself to new topics. Among other things, he used many biblical passages from the sermons of his wife, a pastor, in his paintings.

His professional closeness to the female body – he is a gynecologist – brought him to nude painting, to which he also dedicated himself during his last stay in spain in 2018. The title can be interpreted in different ways, in his case probably more as a painter, who is attracted by the woman as a model.

Musical accompaniment

The vernissage will take place on friday, 18. The event will take place at 8 pm on january 1 and will be musically framed by the four women of the quartet sweet inspirations with appropriate songs. The exhibition is on view every friday from 8 pm until the end of april.

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