Right-wing prison network sought contact with zschape

right-wing prison network sought contact with zschape

This was reported by hesse’s minister of justice, jorg-uwe hahn (FDP), in wiesbaden. It remained open whether conspiratorial mail was actually sent to zschape, who is currently in munich-stadelheim. The bavarian judiciary had found clues to the network in their catches.

According to hessian authorities, the neo-nazi imprisoned in hunfeld is a multiple convicted offender from kassel. The 38-year-old is considered to be one of, if not the central figure of the network that was uncovered. In october 2012, an ad in his name was placed in the motorcycle magazine "bikers news" advertising a nationwide right-wing prisoner aid organization.

The date of the founding of the "AD jail crew 14er" was the 20. April 2012 called. Neo-nazis celebrate 20. April as the birthday of adolf hitler. The name and number 14 allude to right-wing extremist slogans. Expressed in the ad had been warned against the post control in hunfeld, said hahn. The hessian state criminal investigation office is investigating on behalf of the frankfurt public prosecutor’s office on suspicion of forming a banned association.

Unofficially, it was said that three suspects were involved in hesse.

Despite the detailed announcement in the report, it initially remained open how far the network had become entrenched. In bavaria, several prisoners in three correctional facilities had contact with the network, a ministry spokesman said on wednesday. The connection was said to be a magazine of jailed skinheads, against which the prisons had taken action.

According to the current state of knowledge, however, there is no evidence of contact between the network and the NSU in bavaria. Stadelheim correctional facility was not affected. Zschape and his alleged aide ralf wohlleben are still in custody there. On 17. Trial against her begins in april.

Contacts are still being sought in other federal states. One trace leads to schleswig-holstein. A letter from a prisoner from the right-wing spectrum serving time in schleswig-holstein was found in a hessian prison, a spokesman for the kiel justice ministry told dpa.

Another trail discovered in berlin. According to justice senator thomas heilmann (CDU), the neo-nazi from hunfeld had made contact by letter with a prisoner in tegel. Heilmann said that he had asked another prisoner to join the network. The contact had been uncovered and prevented.

For the federal government, the interior and justice ministries in berlin referred to the ongoing investigations and the responsibility of the state authorities. However, activities in support of right-wing extremist prisoners were continuously monitored. Based on the experience of the past few years, it is to be expected that extremists will continue to network even after some of them have been imprisoned.

In 2011, the federal ministry of the interior had banned the "hilfsorganisation fur nationale politische gefangene (HNG)" – a neo-nazi prisoner support organization. In the conference of justice ministers, the committee for the penal system should deal with the proceedings, hahn demanded in the legal committee of the wiesbaden state parliament.

On tuesday, it became known that hessian authorities had learned about the network plans of right-wing extremist prisoners. As a result, cells of suspects were searched and mailings were checked. Hahn confirmed that there had been encrypted communication in the mail from prisoners. When exactly the investigation began remained unclear. A right-wing extremist who was ready to leave the group is said to have played a role in this.

The 38-year-old prisoner from hesse allegedly played a role in earlier NSU investigations. In december 2011, shortly after the terror cell was uncovered, he offered to obtain "information about various networks". He also claims to have met the two NSU terrorists uwe mundlos and uwe bohnhardt in kassel in 2006. Investigations were unable to corroborate the statements. The NSU is accused of murdering a man of turkish origin in kassel in 2006. The terror cell is accused of a total of ten murders.

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