Countries are on the way to a comparable baccalaureate

countries are on the way to a comparable baccalaureate

This is what the president of the conference of education ministers (KMK), stephan dorgerloh (SPD), said after the meeting. As of the 2016/17 school year, the states will be able to select tasks from the pool for which they have previously supplied them. "The best from the countries is going into the pool," said dorgerloh. Equal levels of difficulty and grading scales should ensure greater mobility of students and teachers.

The tasks are supplied by the federal states and then examined by scientists from the state’s own institute for quality development in education (IQB). First of all, the subjects are german, mathematics, english and french. The natural sciences should follow.

Dorgerloh said the lander could draw from the pool, but didn’t have to. As before, there will also be separate tasks. Over the years, more and more tasks from the growing pool should be used. "The requirement level will be the same at the end," said dorgerloh, who is saxony-anhalt’s education minister.

He emphasized that "the advantages of pedagogical diversity in the states are not prevented, but the necessary uniformity and comparability of the tasks in terms of difficulty, quality and evaluation are ensured."Nothing changes for the current schools. "First we have to teach what can be tested at the end," said dorgerloh.

Meanwhile, six states want to stick to their plan to start as early as next year with jointly coordinated tasks in mathematics, german and english. These are bavaria, saxony, lower saxony, hamburg, schleswig-holstein and mecklenburg-western pomerania.

The ministers of education also discussed the need for teachers until 2025. According to them, there is a divided labor market for educators. For the gymnasium, there is an oversupply of trained teachers throughout germany. On the other hand, there is a shortage of vocational school teachers and special educators.

"Basically, you can say that students of teaching have good employment opportunities, especially in the eastern german states," dorgerloh said. According to the forecast, there will be a shortfall of around 600 teachers per year by 2025. However, a distinction must be made between the different types of schools, regions and subjects. High school graduates who want to study for a teaching degree should first obtain detailed information about their specific chances of being hired.

There are currently just under 800,000 teachers in germany. According to the KMK, about 25,800 teachers will have to be hired annually by 2025.

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