Germanwings: no new arbitration date yet after strike

Germanwings: no new arbitration date yet after strike

After the three-day flight attendant strike at germanwings, a subsidiary of lufthansa, there is initially no agreement between the disputing parties.

According to a spokesman for the ufo cabin crew union, no date has yet been set for renewed talks with the lufthansa group under the leadership of the two designated arbitrators matthias platzeck and frank-jurgen weise.

There are still major differences about possible contents, said the union spokesman. The arbitrators had set two specific dates for the dispute.

The arbitrators and lufthansa had already agreed on monday (30. December) specifically the 9. Or 16. January, a lufthansa spokeswoman said. The response from ufo is still pending. There is still an interest in comprehensive arbitration.

Personal issues of individual ufo officials should be addressed independently of arbitration in a judicial good faith proceeding. Ufo, on the other hand, wants to appoint a mediator for these issues. Platzeck and weise had already brought the parties together twice, without success, for preliminary negotiations on mediation.

During the strike, which ended at midnight, around 200 flights of the lufthansa brand eurowings, for which germanwings also operates around 30 jets, were cancelled within three days. Eurowings had pointed out that it had been able to carry out 85 percent of the planned flights. Passengers affected by the cancellations had been transported elsewhere to their destinations.

The ufo board wants to decide on the further course of action this sunday (5 a.M.). January). The selective strike was very successful, said ufo spokesman nicoley baublies. Official reason for strike are regulations on part-time work for cabin workers, which according to ufo are unfulfilled.

Lufthansa and ufo have been at loggerheads for a long time. The issue is not only collective bargaining but also the recognition of ufo as a trade union. In the dispute, there had already been a warning strike at four lufthansa subsidiaries and a two-day strike at the core company lufthansa. In november, around 1,500 flights with about 200 passengers were scheduled.000 passengers affected.

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