“Strabs” abolished, dispute continues

Next tuesday, the administrative court of munich will decide whether a resident of kasernstrabe is actually right, who had filed a lawsuit against the extension fees charged according to the strabs contribution statutes (strabs) and won against the city in the first instance.
Last year, the bayreuth administrative court ruled that the kasernstrabe was to be regarded as a main thoroughfare and not as an adjoining road. It is about 4500 euros, which the city had to pay back to the resident. The city has appealed against this decision, which will now be decided by a higher court in munich next week.This ruling will also be of interest to the residents of jagdstrabe, who are standing by fub with their objection for the same reason.
However, in its official announcement the city draws attention to the following: "notices issued before the 1. January 2018 but retain their validity. The legal proceedings will be conducted by the objections authorities in accordance with the. December 2017 legal situation decided."
No more road construction fees will be charged for the renewal or improvement of local roads and public footpaths and their lighting.

Further development contributions

But watch out: "development contributions for the initial final construction of local roads must continue to be levied by the municipalities", it is stated in the communication of the city. This also applies to a few local roads in forchheim, which have only been provisionally constructed and for which no development fee has yet been charged. "If these are finally constructed, 90 percent of the costs are passed on to the residents", it says in the announcement signed by the mayor uwe kirschstein. As heike fasbender from the building administration explains to our newspaper, this concerns, for example, the new building area at weingartsteig. The von pappenheim- und wallensteinstrabe is also still a temporary structure that has not yet been settled – this will be done when it is finally completed.

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