Burgermeister awards burgermedaille in himmelkron

Burgermeister awards burgermedaille in himmelkron

Mayor schneider pointed out that democracy thrives on volunteerism, because volunteer work in all its facets and fields of activity is an expression of the citizens’ willingness to take responsibility, of solidarity with the community.

Mayor gerhard schneider: "volunteer work shapes every single area of our society. Through voluntary work in associations, organizations, initiatives or today’s event, local government, i.E. The municipal council, people experience, learn and practice a sense of community, fairness, tolerance, commitment, self-discipline and perseverance – values and virtues that are of central importance for the cohesion of our society. Volunteer work serves as a role model in our society, and we as a community would do well to publicly highlight and honor special commitment."

According to mayor schneider, the dedication of the honorees goes far beyond the normal mab. With their exemplary and long-standing commitment both in the local council and in the associations, helmut fischer and erwin tischer – they received the silver burgermedaille – as well as peter abmann, hans engelhardt and manfred riedel – they were honored with the golden burgermedaille – have set standards and this was honored with the celebration hour, which was musically framed by the singing club himmelkron under the direction of renate palder.

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