Miriam stutz opens a music school

Miriam stutz opens a music school

"There's a little wunderkind in all of us – we'd like to introduce you to it." This is the goal of miriam stutz. She studied church music and music pedagogy in regensburg. Her main subjects: piano, keyboard, organ and singing. But she also teaches soprano and alto block flute – and also offers preparation for entrance examinations as well as theory lessons in music theory, pitch and ear training.

No teacher-teacher relationship

"I want to give people the opportunity to make music themselves. Because talent is the smallest part. You need above all hard work to learn an instrument", makes miriam stutz clear. Unlike other music schools, she also offers lessons on a project basis. "I did not like the teacher-teacher relationship in principle. I would like to spend half an hour or three quarters of an hour with the student working on a piece that we both like", explains her concept.
She also has a heart for people who just want to sing a little song at a birthday party or who just want to rehearse a piece for a performance. "Then we'll just do a few weeks of lessons – with keyboard it goes quite well, practicing the chords. And then it works out with the performance", so the young music expert.

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