210 Accidents in june

210 accidents in June

In june, a total of 210 traffic accidents were registered in the kitzingen police force’s service area. 129 traffic accidents were minor incidents without personal injury. 33 road users were slightly injured and six people seriously injured in 27 traffic accidents. The damage amounted to 197,000 euros.

Alcohol was involved in six traffic accidents. One person was injured. A car pile-up was due to drug influence. One person was also injured in this accident. 34 times the causers fled the scene of the accident.

Tip from the police

As always, a tip from the police: especially now in the warm season, there are a lot of construction sites on the roads. For this purpose, the speed often has to be adjusted. If, for example, rolling grit has been applied, the tire loses traction. In addition, every car driver could also be concerned about the underbody protection of his car, which could be damaged at too high a speed.

Adjusting speed

In the district of kitzingen, too, several road users this year made the experience that it is not good to drive too fast in construction areas by parking their car in the ditch. So: always keep to the speed limit in construction zones – then nothing will happen.

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