Good friday the sun shows up in many places

Good friday the sun shows up in many places

As the day progresses, however, the clouds thicken again from the north and rain begins to fall in the second half of the day. In the center it will remain quite friendly and dry until the evening.

The temperature rises in the north only to 6 to 10 degrees, otherwise 9 to 14 degrees are expected, in the higher altitudes of the low mountains values around 5 degrees. The wind will be mostly light, in the north it will freshen up during the day and blow mabig, at the sea also fresh from western directions.

In the night to saturday the clouds continue to spread. The rain will reach about the middle by tomorrow. Snow may mix with the rain, especially at elevations above 400 m, but locally also at lower elevations. Also south of the danube it remains with many clouds and some rain. Longer time it is loosened up between main and donau. In the morning, the clouds will also clear up in the northwest. The lows will be between 4 and 0 degrees, in the south at 6 degrees. In the areas with clouds and in the mountains there is light frost up to -3 degrees.

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