Too often people drive too fast

Too often people drive too fast

Benjamin schubert from the ggkvs (gemeinnutzige gesellschaft fur kriminalpravention und verkehrssicherheit mbh) presents the ggkvs' concept for speed measurements to the oberleichtersbach town council. Since the citizens of all parts of the town repeatedly complained to the council about speeding, the council commissioned the company ggkvs to carry out several test measurements at different measuring points in the area of the town in order to obtain reliable figures for further action.
The measurements were taken in the period from 15. September 2017 to 11. October 2017 carried out. A speeding offence was defined as exceeding the maximum permitted speed at the respective measuring point by more than nine km/h. The measuring points were determined with the help of the police.
The partly alarming results of the measurements are now available to the municipal council. The highest rate of deaths, 85 percent, was recorded in the churchyard on the high ground of the cemetery in the district of breitenbach. The highest speed measured here was 63 km/h. The violation rate of a measuring point indicates the percentage of speeding violations at this measuring point in relation to the total number of measurements taken there.

At 83 km/h through the 30 zone

In the denkmalstrabe in mitgenfeld, there was a rate of 63 percent with a measured maximum speed of 67 km/h. 50 percent of the deaths in the kapellenstrabe in unterleichtersbach were caused by bubbling. The highest single speed measured here was 83 km/h, with a maximum permitted speed of 30 km/h.
Test measurements were carried out at a total of eleven measuring points throughout the municipal area. At six measuring points, more than 20 percent of violations occurred. There is an urgent need for action at these points, said schubert from the ggkvs.
Schubert presented various models for municipal traffic monitoring. The traffic monitoring consists of two parts, the measurements at the respective measuring points by specialists of the ggkvs in the context of an employee leasing and the evaluation including the dispatch of the fine notices to the traffic offenders as well as the collection of the fines by a fine office. The bubgeldstelle can be staffed both by employees of the ggkvs and by the municipality's own employees. However, there is also the possibility of cooperation with a municipality that already carries out municipal traffic monitoring, such as bad neustadt. In addition, various mixed forms are also possible. However, the councillors have not yet made up their minds and want to obtain more information first.
The municipal council awarded various contracts in connection with the general renovation and expansion of the peter and paul kindergarten in oberleichtersbach. The drywall works were contracted to the company jaeger ausbau gmbh& for about 102 021 euros co KG from dettelbach awarded as most favorable supplier. The carpentry work will be done by the joinery jochen burger from bad bocklet, germany. She submitted the most favorable bid of 60 235 euros.
The same company was awarded the contract for the sun protection work for 54,233 euros. The interior plastering and painting work awarded the council to the most favorable bidder with 142 600 euro, the company straub der maler gmbh& co KG from oberthulba. Finally, the screed work for approximately 34,658 euros was awarded to the company estrich kuhnlein gmbh from schondra. The request for exemption from the provisions of the development plan "am alten dorf in breitenbach by angela neidhart and herald gunther was approved again after a change of plans. 

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