International successes for the martial arts team

International successes for the martial arts team

Once again, the martial artists from TSV rannungen were challenged internationally, this time at the "world martial arts games" in wagrain near salzburg with over 2000 participants from 22 nations. Marcel markert from seubrigshausen showed all his skills, which was rewarded with bronze in light contact and gold in kicklight. Silver in the pointfight was won by lio oestereicher, only nine years old and the youngest fighter in the TSV squad, whose final opponent had more fighting experience than lio.

Reinhold polczyk from hain could not show his usual performance, but still won two bronze medals for the martial arts team in kicklight and light contact. TSV veteran holger volz was runner-up in each of his veteran categories, while fellow trainer nils volz was unable to compete in his two categories because he had to wait until later to tackle the 580-kilometer route due to work and was confronted with traffic jams.

Now the martial arts team is meticulously preparing for the belt test in december before planning the next competition season starting in january. "We want to compete again with the best of the best", says trainer Holger Holz.

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