Tens of thousands cheered on the professional cyclists

Tens of thousands cheered on the professional cyclists

The police estimated the number of spectators at schonleinsplatz alone, where a family party was held and the award ceremony later took place, to be 10,000.000. The bavarian cycle tour ended in bamberg on sunday without a hitch. The race field reached the finish line around 13.8 p.M. The county border at pommersfelden. It took the pros less than an hour to cover the 36 kilometers to the city limits, and they were greeted by thousands of cycling enthusiasts at the schonleinsplatz in bamberg.

With inflatable giant hands and whistles, they cheered on the racers, who had to complete the approximately 10-kilometer circuit through the city two more times from there. According to the police, there were no major incidents.

The bamberg police were supported by officers from the bavarian riot police from eichstatt and around 300 helpers from the volunteer fire departments from the city and district of bamberg to secure the almost 50 km-long race course. With the exception of an intransigent motorcyclist (42), who tried to force his way through a barrier in the pettstadt area and slightly injured a firefighter, all road users are said to have accepted the obstructions and detours caused by the sporting event patiently and understandingly. Investigation proceedings have already been initiated against the 42-year-old man.


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